Sayyed Khamina’i in the 25th commemoration of the departure of Imam Khomeini- God bless his soul – addressed the Iranians in a fiery speech inviting all Iranians to ponder and think and study and analyze and never give up or surrender to despair. There is no despair or surrender in the message of Imam Khomeini said his eminence.Sayyed Khamina’i was clear and sharp when he said that what Khomeini did for Iran was not just to replace one rule by the other but to uproot totally the previous rule of the shah that was that of submission to the west and corruption and dictatorship . This is the particularity of such revolution in this capacity to uproot the old rule and establish a new one inspired from Islam .

No doubt that his eminence had in mind the Arab spring revolutions that achieved nothing and are caught in a vicious circle replacing one ruler by another similar to the previous one. Not only this- said his eminence but the imam had a full road map and line of action with all its details that nothing was neglected or left unattended for the revolution to succeed . For this reason the revolution was successful and stood up to all challenges in a way that made the whole world wonder .

It is the blessed Imam that has achieved this and built the foundation of such edifice inspired by God Himself said his eminence. This revolution has defied all conspiracies and there are many plotted by the US and others . Sayyed Khamina’i said that Iran should exert effort on identifying its friends from its enemies and not taking one for the other . Iran should know who the true friends of Iran are and who the real enemies of Iran are as well .

Sayyed insisted that the hoards of terrorists who are armed and sustained by the western countries are not enemies of Iran , they are just delinquents and idiots hired by the west and fed with hatred against Shi’as. Those Iran will not fight or declare war against and will not react to . Iran will defend itself against those but they are not the real enemy. The real enemy is the one behind those that is sustaining them and providing for them and manipulating them and Iran’s war is against those .

Sayyed also distinguished 3 types of countries as seen by US and they are the submitted countries to the US that are totally subjugated and surrendered and the countries that enjoy some sovereignty like Europe but against which US might turn , and the countries seeking real independence like Iran and refusing US hegemony and these are the countries attacked by US . This attack takes different forms and comes from outside and inside.


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