Retrieved post from May 20, 2015


Many cards have been uncovered and many others are still hidden . The Saudis are putting all their cards on the table and they are not hiding anymore , Their Air Buses are landing in Tel Aviv airport and they spend their vacations in Israel . Few years ago, the Saudis were told by their masters that they could not keep both the oil and the Holy Places and that at one point , they would have to choose between the two but, until further notice, they are enjoying both and do not have to make a choice .
What remains hidden is the Egyptian card together with the Russian card . Despite his pro Saudi positions , Arab nationalists and leftists and secularists are still investing in al Sisi and putting their hopes in him , and this is amazing because Morsi got slammed for much less like sending a greetings letter to Perez while al Sisi did much more than that . He flooded all Gaza tunnels with sewers water without leaving any passage available, and took prisoners the Palestinian fishermen who ventured close to the Egyptian borders thinking they can escape the Israeli bullets. He tightened the siege on Gaza during the war of Protective Edge and prevented most aid from reaching Gaza. And al Sisi is still keeping Gaza under siege not allowing in material that Palestinians need badly to rebuild their houses.

Despite all this , progressive leaders – like Najah Wakim- say that Egypt is sending both negative and positive signs, and that we should give Egypt more time . We tell Wakim that we have seen the negative ones but not the positive . Nothing positive came out of al Sisi . The reason behind Wakim’s statement is that these progressives and leftists have associated al Sisi with Nasser and put Nasser and al Sisi together, and this is not just the secret services who did this but also the Nasserites and Arab Nationalists themselves . So, now , when you see al Sisi, you think Nasser, and when you see Nasser you think al Sisi .

The same thing they have done with Putin by associating him with the USSR and because of this , Putin is being considered a pole to the World Order like the Soviets were considered and, because of this, Putin also can get away with anything he does . Even if he turned Syria into Terror land and guaranteed Israel’s security by stripping Syria off its chemical arsenal , even if he lied about the ballistic missiles and withheld the S- 300 missiles destined to Syria and built his international glory over Syrians blood, and even if he abstained from vetoing the UN resolution that legitimized the war on Yemen , Putin is still considered a hero and a pole to the World Order by leftists and progressives and nationalists and praised and hailed- at every turn— as the ally of people . The reason is that Putin is not being associated with Russia but with the communists, and many are not able to adjust to the fact that Russia is not USSR and Putin is not Lenin . Many cannot admit that Russia has become something else and that Putin has been brought to power by the Yeltsin mafia.

Those leftists and intellectuals who bet on al Sisi and invest in Putin cannot stand up for the Yemenis and support their righteous Revolution because they are betting and investing on the enemies of such Revolution. Their efforts are dispelled and their concentration diluted and they are going to miss on the event of the century while waiting for al Sisi to turn up as the revolutionary he is not.


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