Retrieved post from May 20, 2015


Shame on Egypt for absolving Mubarak who ruled and oppressed and normalized and looted the country and usurped Egyptian rights for 35 years and shame on them for sentencing to death Morsi and others of the Muslim Brothers who ruled less than a year and were never allowed to rule , We know now why there was an Arab spring . There was an Arab spring in order to finish the Muslim Brothers of Egypt that is the only organized Muslim group that not only does not accept the treaties signed with Israel but supports and has affinities with the Palestinian armed Resistance in Gaza . The sentence on Morsi was accompanied by the sentence on al Qaradawi , but the Qaradawi is not within reach and no one can get him . Remains Morsi accused of all kinds of infractions as if he had time to commit all these infractions . Shame on Egypt and shame on the justice of Egypt and shame on those Egyptians who keep silent regarding this state of things. Shame on those who applauded this masquerade of bringing al Sisi to power . Now Egypt is being ruled by all kinds of NGOS who brought Al Sisi to rule an infiltrated society from all sides who has lost its compass. Among those sentenced to death are Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli prisons and Palestinian Martyrs . SHAME!

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