More than 200 thugs from FSA faction Liwa’ al Shuhadaa’ – that is sponsored by Turkey and others – have left the town of Darayya in the western vicinity of Damascus – with their personal weapon, and headed to Idlib with their families after surrendering their heavy weapons that they have confiscated from the Army. 700 armed thugs are expected to leave the town also in an operation that will last 3 more days , while 4 thousand civilians will be evacuated to hosting places and shelters . Some thugs have also chosen not to evacuate to Idlib but to remain in areas controlled by the Syrian rule. .

Sources say that it is the thugs themselves who asked to be evacuated and relocated after they spent four years fighting in Darayya that is the door to the capital Damascus in a war that drained their capacities without opening for them the doors of the capital of Syria . .But there must be another explanation for this change in destiny , one of them is that these thugs are heading to Idlib where they could join the Turkish sponsored Jaysh al Fateh that is paying wages that are now around 2 thousand dollars for each head, The same offer caused many ISIS fighters and others to leave their positions in Aleppo and join the Turks for enrollment .

This move would have to be explained in the general context whereby the Turks are expanding their hegemony to other villages around Jarablus and have introduced more tanks today, and they are using the FSA to take other surrounding areas after expelling ISIS while the Kurds are fearing for their lives in Jarablus and others places .

Sources say that what happened in Darayya might have a domino effect whereby the area of Mu’addamiyya- in the vicinity of Damascus- controlled by Saudi sponsored Jaysh al Islam- is expected to witness a similar withdrawal. Now, Darayya is back to the Syrian bosom while Jarablus is taken away, and this looks more like a redistribution of the forces on the ground. The anti Terror war has become a land settlement among fighting groups together with the respective forces that stand behind them . The terrorists thugs are no more to be eradicated but rehabilitated and considered as an armed opposition backed by external forces that have equal rights as the Syrian rule .

The Syrian rule — on the other hand- is boasting about the fact that this withdrawal was from Syrian to Syrian, and did not need any interference from a third party like previous reconciliations . The UN were not even informed about this move . The thug has become a par, and Syrians can settle things directly among each other like real partners.


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