Retrieved post from May 22, 2015
On the 50th commemoration of the martyrdom of Malcolm X, Al Mayadeen TV hosted activist Ajamo Bracca to speak on the subject . A very insightful approach to Malcolm X and a deep evaluation of his life as a militant.

What we deduce from this encounter is something that we might have forgotten which has to do with the kind of challenge Malcolm X was facing. This challenge is the same we are facing right now when the Palestinian issue is being defined in racist / anti racist terms and in an Apartheid/ anti Apartheid formula . This issue,
Malcolm X spent many years of his life exposing and trying to avoid the same issue for which we are falling now through dubious movements with a global agenda like BDS, and by way of fake activists like George Galloway. Malcolm X wanted the black people to enjoy independence and self determination versus their integration into the system as offered by USA He never trusted this integration by way of equal rights which Martin Luther King was calling for and called it naive as he knew that this desired equality will never materialize and its aim was to undermine the force that Black people represented .

Maybe there is a lesson here for BDS people to learn and for Galloway and for those who erroneously call for the application of the South African model on Palestine . What BDS and people like Galloway are calling for is the integration of Palestinians into the genocidal state that will prepare for the liquidation of the Palestinian Cause .Galloway even goes to the extent of imposing on Arabs the Palestinian Mandela that he found in Marwan al Barghouthi .

This integration – of course- will include recognizing the legitimacy of the usurping State . Malcolm X had wondered about why would someone become an integral part of the colonial oppressive forces instead of fighting these forces till the end and make alliances with those – across the globe- who are fighting it. . What was required – according to him- was not to acquire rights from the oppressive capitalist forces called USA but to work on dismantling the thing called USA with the help of others .

Malcolm X had discovered the International human dimension of the Black struggle and wanted to explore this dimension fully and have Blacks relate to other oppressed people and identify with them rather than identify with their oppressors . Unfortunately , the black issue headed in a different direction than the one wished by Malcolm X, and the Palestinian issue – as promoted by many Palestinians – is also treading this distorted path of being affiliated to global policies instead of being independent and resilient . It is seeking integration rather than independence and has turned for some activists into an object on the market offered to the highest bidder.

We will not live by the ethics of the oppressor – said Malcolm X- and we will never be part of the US . We are part of a struggle against Capitalism and we will connect with others and will use any means necessary

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