Retrieved post from May 21, 2015


Expert Imad Rizk said -from al Manar TV – that Obama will be remembered as the US president who engaged in the greatest number of wars at the least cost possible in US lives and US dollars. What Obama did – in fact- started probably long time ago, and was the fruit of extensive researches and sociological and scientific studies and experimentation that made ISIS a real product of the World Order .
ISIS – no doubt- is made mainly of poor people, of poor masses with very few exceptions . These people – from Arab and Muslim countries- were impoverished by the World Order itself . They grew up in Arab or Muslim countries, in environments that were totally dispossessed, that the World Order had sacked and looted and impoverished . They were ruled by the corrupt rulers appointed by the World Order who continued dispossessing them of what remained in their hands.

Let be Yemen or Iraq or any country , there were practically no prospects for the people , and even if there was some money or some benefits , the general outlook was dark . There was no freedom, no dignity , nothing but oppression and poverty .
And If one looks at this whole situation objectively , one would realize that this is the right environment where something like ISIS could grow, and the World Order knew this environment to be favorable for such growth. Everything else was mere details . The World Order knew it was in possession of something valuable in which one could invest . These poor people turned out to be a real treasure. All that was needed was to turn them into the perfect tool that they became .

For this, more than one means was used. First , there were those who were taken prisoners and humiliated and tortured – in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib and other prisons – and then , turned into the monsters they became . They were – after that- released again to carry on the task given to them , or they were rewarded by freedom against joining armed factions , and given the choice between remaining prisoners or be released on condition .

Thus, many terrorists are ex convicts and have chosen this kind of freedom . Other terrorists- especially those living abroad- were probably blackmailed and taken advantage of , especially when they lacked papers and were caught by the police and threatened with repatriation or prison. Add to this the use all kinds of drugs and addictions and you have your Terrorist fully ready to undertake his mission .

Imagine someone poor and dispossessed , someone with all these attributes who has undergone torture or given drugs and feeling worthless and who – suddenly- is provided with money and weapons and given power over others- who are better off than him – what do you think will happen? What will happen is what is happening right now and is the result of the deep manipulation our societies are subject to .

In all cases, this how ISIS was conceived and chosen and recycled to become the Terror it became .The World Order , in all its capacities and potentials and research centers and institutions and intelligence and arsenals is behind ISIS and its sisters, and no one but the World Order can conceive such a thing.

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