ABDEL MALIK AL HOUTHI SPEAKS : Abdel Malik al Houthi speaks

Retrieved post from May 20, 2015


The Yemeni is being targeted as a child and elderly and as a woman . The Yemenis have proved their resilience and Resistance on behalf of a people who only bend in front of God

The People are aware that this is a battle for liberation , and the Yemenis rely on God so that He grants us Resistance and fortitude.

Despite the air raids that have targeted everything and used prohibited weapons. Despite all this the Popular Committees and the Army have resisted knowing that they are fighting for Freedom .

Weren’t it for this we would have been left with no country .

The Yemenis are doing their best in every respect , and the Saudis are now exposed . Where is Islam from killing children and where is it from these crimes ? You are criminals and the Yemenis know you very well . This curse will follow you everywhere and you are savages and arrogant . The Yemenis have suffered so much from you . What you did is creating discord . you are a real threat to the country . we have refrained from retaliating for forty days to give you the opportunity to awaken

The US and Israel have set you up and you have become isolated and all people hate you and resent you

All the Yemenis have become convinced that they are targeted as a whole . The Saudis would not shoot one bullet without US license

Even the truce you did not respect and you have no morals or ethics or principles
As for the Riyad Conference , there is no dialogue because those present are one kind and there was no dialogue because those present there are tools that take orders from the US and repeat what they are being told .

As for the Army they are creating , it is made of al Qa’ida to instigate internal warfare

The Saudis have bribed many but they will not be able to break the Yemenis and any political power that supported the assault shall lose

The Yemeni Army has been targeted by al Qa’ida and there is mobilization and recruiting of volunteers in the army

Who stopped the dialogue between Yemenis and who are preventing Yemenis from sitting together? The political solution is here and the National agreement is there All is needed is to meet in a neutral place under UN supervision and resume the talks , but they will not do this

We will rely on God and on own selves and our battle is that of dignity and the Army is engaged in the battle of freedom against those who abused us

We thank the ‘Ulema and ask them to continue their role and the Media people should do the same and the Popular committees also to continue what they are doing to strengthen the internal front

We are in a strong position . This Assault is not to the advantage of those who have started it

The only solution is the dialogue in a neutral place under the UN supervision
The two flags that the Mansur Hadi gangs rise are the KSA flag and the al Qa’ida flag and the ugly crimes committed by the criminals is their responsibility
The people shall be victorious

Assalamu ‘Alaykum
Al Houthi concludes his speech

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