All this coordination between the different parties seems to be for the sake of the battle of Aleppo where all will be decided . Today- and according to al Safir news paper- Putin ordered the Russian airforce to close the breach in Aleppo no matter what . This is to say that the so called breach was caused by the withdrawal of the Syrian Army before the thugs-when they evacuated their positions in al Ramousseh instead of keeping them – while the Russian airforce was busy striking Tadmur. .As a result, the siege- that was going to lead to the surrender of thousands of thugs- has ended, and now the thugs are still able to get limited supplies on and off .Now it is Russia that will get the credit for a battle for which hundreds of freedom fighters have paid their lives .

In this battle of Aleppo, all will have a hand so as to prevent an achievement that the Resistance can claim This is how Turkey has volunteered to fight ISIS wherever ISIS is located, and this explains why ISIS attacked Turkey today causing three deaths and four injured in Ankara, as it explains Turkey drawing closer to Egypt hoping to share in any future forces on the ground that will enter Syria eventually. Turkey has also offered to stop its support for the thugs of the opposition against dropping the Kurdish federal entity in northern Syria .
This is how all kinds of transactions are taking place in the Aleppo market where the Syrian blood is being cheaply spilled by the World Order conspiracy.

The battle of Aleppo is also the battle in which US is expected to share by joint military air strikes with Russia upon which US insists ; and it is the battle for which Iran has offered its Hamadan air base as platform This is to say that – according to al Jumhuriyyah local newspaper- the US was informed about Russia using the Iranian air base , and that this step was totally approved by the USA . Will the US refrain from sharing in the expected joint air strikes with Russia on Aleppo , or are the forces of the Resistance to have US share in this battle ? Add to all this the new Chinese initiative of offering military help and support to Syria that shows that the Chinese giant will also be there hoping to get his share .

All this is in order to undermine the forces of the Resistance and their claim to any deserved victory. The forces of the Resistance are trying their best to adapt to this situation and this is not easy due to Syria’s double loyalty to the Axis of the Resistance and to Russia that has created this impossible situation .

In all cases, the drums of the war are beating, and could be heard from very far , and two thousands Iraqis will be crossing the borders with Syria to share in the battle, in addition to hundreds of Freedom Fighters from the Lebanese Resistance elite . All this, while the Syrian airforce will strike the road of supplies from Idlib, and the Iranian officers will share in supervising and preparing the ground and supplying the Syrian Army .

This does not mean that the battle will be limited to Aleppo ,but other areas also will witness other battles until the time is ripe for a settlement that the Russians would have to work out with all the others and that will have to accommodate all those present on the ground under the label of fighting Terror not to speak of accommodating the terrorists themselves.


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