The tightening of the siege on Gaza is exerting too much pressure on the district , and the district will no more be a livable entity as of year 2020 say experts . The siege is imposed by the israelis , the Palestinian Authority and the Egyptians , and the Egyptians are the most intent on tightening the siege more so than the israelis who fear that these deteriorating conditions lead to an escalation of the situation that will be costly for the israelis . The Egyptians are the first responsible for this unfair siege under the pretext that HAMAS is a partner to the Muslim Brothers of Egypt whom the authorities have been persecuting. Not only this, but the terms of the 2014 Protective Edge war agreement were not implemented and al Sisi and Mahmoud Abbas are acting as if this was not their concern even though they are the ones who sponsored the agreement. The reconstruction of the district has not been completed . There are still 70 thousand homeless Gaza From the 9500 destroyed houses , only 2500 houses have been reconstructed after 2 years, and the UNRWA has not enough money to pay the rent of those whose houses were destroyed and it needs more than 700 millions to pay the rent and only less than half this sum is available . The main problem remains unemployment whereby its rate has reached 40% and the youth form 60% of the unemployed . It is a miracle that Gaza is still surviving, and this is a world conspiracy against the armed Resistance in which all are sharing . Where are the boats of the International Solidarity Movement one may ask ,who kept us busy for more than a year or is it that the Palestinians themselves were taken for a ride that has not ended yet by a world conspiracy in which all are implicated?

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