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Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah yesterday proved again to be an unquestionable leader , and the Resistance to be the future of the Umma , as he explained yesterday extensively the 2006 war. A war that not only succeeded in defeating the purposes of the enemy , but was a determining point in changing the course of history . The Resistance makes history no doubt, and will write history from now on, and Sayyed started yesterday to write the historical narrative of this war whose developments are not over yet and which we are witnessing right now .

The speech started with this war and ended with this war. This war was one of the biggest challenges that the Resistance has accepted to take, favoring honor over surrender . Not only the purposes of the enemy were defeated , which are to dismantle the Resistance and take its weapons, and turn the Resistance into one of the guards of israel’s, and bring foreign forces for this purpose, and evacuate the area of the Litani river after delivering the two prisoners, but the whole project of the New Middle East was defeated, and a new chapter in history was opened .

This new chapter has for title – the Spiritual or mental defeat of israel- , and this is where israel was hit , in its idea and concept . Of course not only israel but US was also hit the same way , because this war was not an israeli decision, it was a US decision carried on by israel- as Sayyed says – in which israel’s existence as an advanced US military force and base was at stake. Israel simply failed in proving itself as a US military extension and – therefore – its very existence became threatened . The very existence of israel was thus shaken from its roots , and Sayyed invites all to research this matter extensively , and study what happened to israel when its purposes were defeated , and when it could not carry on the US endeavor of creating the New Middle East.

Israel is still suffering from the consequences of this war , and the US also can no more interfere directly to save israel after its severe losses in Iraq. This is why proxy armies were brought to the area as artificial limbs for the disabled entity called israel, made of criminals hired from the four quarters carrying what is called the Khilafa project . For this purpose, KSA and other countries were mobilized and put in charge of such a project to hire the thugs and finance the whole endeavor .

Like the New Middle East failed , this scheme will fail also , and because of this, Sayyed addresses the terrorist thugs saying that the scheme has failed, and the US is just using you against your ow brothers, and will get rid of you and target you in due time , and this has already started, and this is what both US and Russia have agreed upon after you failed in your endeavor . Sayyed – after speaking about local matter – goes back to the initial subject that is war, and that the Resistance has chosen the struggle over surrender, and this is a final decision, and this is the turning point , this is the choice that changed the course of history and will determine everything else, and the Future is Resistance .

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