The Al Mayadeen TV is trying to use Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah’s message to the thugs to drop their weapons and quit fighting, to include the Muslim Brothers of Egypt, which is dishonest because Sayyed Hassan was definitely not addressing the Muslim Brothers of Egypt . Al Mayadeen TV is also calling the message of Sayyed Hassan as an opening up to the thugs and a hand stretched to Erdogan . This is a falsity of course because Sayyed said nothing of this sort . What they are trying to do is putting together an image of Sayyed where he will be coordinating with Erdodan and opening up to the thugs . And this while it is known that the Syrians are carrying on the reconciliations with thugs and forgiving those who surrender their weapons and opening exits to those who want to retain their weapons and leave Aleppo , and it is the Syrians who have been meeting secretly Turkish officers , more than one time to coordinate together things that were not disclosed . Sayyed never mentioned Erdogan in his speech, and is on the contrary threatening the thugs . But it seems that the new World Order agenda wants to put all Muslims together in one bag , Erdogan, the terrorist thugs , the Muslim Brothers and the Resistance . For this reason, al Zawahiri addressed today the Muslim Brothers of Egypt inviting them to tread the path of Jihad instead of coordinating with USA as if al Zawahiri was not coordinating with USA. This is in order to establish the parallel between what Sayyed said and what al Zawahiri says. And while Sayyed is inviting the thugs to drop their weapons , Al Zawahiri is inviting the Muslim Brothers of Egypt to take arms . Thus, the Muslim Brothers will be associated with thugs and will be exposed, and they need to be exposed because in Gaza they are fighting israel. Al Mayadeen day after day is proving to be a tool working for some Intelligence services that wants to defame the Resistance . It is becoming more and more like al Jazeera .

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