Bismillah walhamdulillah wassalatu wassalam
If you feel weak He has supported and provided for you.
God has supported and helped us and granted us dignity and honor
you are all welcome to celebrate, and gratitude to all those who shared in this victory , the army the martyrs , the sacrificers ,, the parties , the media and all those who have contributed to this victory , Thanks to Iran and Syria

The israelis showed more concern than some Arab officials
All israelis showed concern and the reason is that the July war started a new chapter in history with lots of repercussions

This war is still an actuality in israel
the victory is that the Resistance defeated the purpose of the enemy . but there is another side to the story
this was a US decision to wage war on Lebanon that israel carried on

what the enemy failed in achieving according to what has been said and written by the enemies’ testimony

they failed in finishing the Resistance and in erasing the Resistance from the equation .in changing the Litany area to an area devoid of people, ,they failed in disarming and dismantling the Resistance
they wanted to introduce foreign forces not from UN , and make Lebanon a contributor to the security of israel and to set free the two hostages

but the biggest goal was the creation of the new middle east that starts with finishing the Resistance and then getting to Syria to start the new middle east

the other side of the victory is what has been achieved by the Resistance within regard to the consequences and the good effects that happened as a result
i invite the researchers to study this matter .
as far as israel , the military institution in israel was shaken
they started accusing one another to the point of slander, and this never happened in the israeli army

the confidence in the israeli army was shaken
the israelis no more trusted their army and the army did not trust the political leaders and the political leaders did not trust the Army .
now, there is a crisis regarding leadership in Israel and there is no more confidence and an absence of true leadership
the collapse of the israeli ideology is one of the after effects
the israeli military ideology believed in achieving big victories in a short time

and fighting on enemy soil only
Now, the battle will involve the usurped land and there is no more fast victories reaped after a short time
The israeli knows that Lebanon is a real threat and the whole of the usurped land is under Resistance fire

the israeli army is no more free to do what it likes
now they cannot even set modest a goal to their Army
When the US tried to use israel to implement the new middle east , they failed and the US was disappointed
the very existence of israel became under question again

and again this issue was raised
in 2006 Netenyahu calls for the unity
in any next war says Netenyahu we will have to win because other wise we will no more be there
After the second war in Lebanon it became clear that israel was no more invincible

Will israel last has become the question .
before this war the Arab world had accepted the fact that israel is here to remain

the military solution cannot grant the continuity to israel
israel is speaking about calm against calm regarding Lebanon
in the July war israel was hit in its spirit not in its body . it was hit in its confidence and in its capacity to continue to exist and in its arrogance and will and everything

what they did previously is conditioning the Arab will and the Arab conscience and accept that israel cannot be defeated
but now it is israel that is being conditioned and for this reason Bint Jbeil was chosen.

the reason is that here , in this place , i said this sentence that israel is weaker than a spider’s web , and this sentence has left an impression on the israeli mind
after 16 years they have not forgotten this sentence for which bint Jbeil was targeted

this sentence has left a deep impression
and they threaten that those who expect a spider’s web will be met by a fist of steel

we know what is their fist of steel and we have seen them
what they wanted in July 2006 is to give a speech in Bint Jbeil itself under the israeli flag to challenge the spider’s web and prove the opposite , but they failed, but i tell them they are still a spider’s web
No none can claim that they are protecting Lebanon or that israel does not want to attack . why is it attacking in Palestine then? israel is under check because it knows that the Resistance has grown in strength
the israeli has always been an aggressor , and the Lebanese were afraid to cultivate their land and afraid to restore their houses , while now when they hear a compressor the settlers flee , and the Lebanese they see the israeli army and do not care about them
now they are building a wall and they are worried about Galilee, they no more work the land , they build walls

this was not for free , this was due to the great sacrifices
i invite all to follow the statements that are being delivered about the US responsibility in creating and arming ISIS

these US officials admit that they are the ones who created ISIS
al Baghdadi was an ex convict and al Joulani was with al Baghdadi and the US asked the KSA and other countries to hire the thugs
they have created this organization that is al Qa’ida originally and became ISIS and al Nusrat . they created these organizations against the Axis of the Resistance and especially Hizbullah
this was in the media

in US today the best weapon that Trump is using against the democrats saying that those who created ISIS are Obama and Clinton and he is speaking in the name of the Republican Party
they created ISIS after the new middle east has failed and israel was defeated . imagine if there were not ISIS . israel was saying that they are in a very bad strategic environment

and the US could not get involved as before after its failure in Iraq and so they relied on these proxy armies and asked the Saudis and others to gather these thugs as they did before in Afghanistan
this is how the main problem became security and everything else was forgotten

but now this card has expired and Obama wants to finish ISIS before the Elections

and now the Russian / US agreement is to finish al Nusrat and ISIS
and i have told them this that there is no khilafa and they will be sacrificed because their role is over

and i address them from here that you have been used for a purpose and that you have been used for the sake of the US and i call on all those to tell them that you are killing your brothers and yourselves for the sake of the United States , you have been used and your time is up and they will get rid of you all

if they do not stop fighting for the sake of israel and US, and if they do not answer the call then we have no more choice
we will remain in Aleppo and elsewhere but all are invited to think and change
for Palestine and the Palestinians and the people of Bahrain and Yemen . they wanted us out of this battle . But what will happen if we withdraw?

in Lebanon we are still waiting and all agree on the necessity to elect a president.

Since 2006 we have been committed to general Aoun and we still are

what are we waiting for ? few days ago someone committed a mistake and wanted to appoint a new Prime minister and a new head of a parliament that is from Hizbullah , this is not so , our candidate to head the parliament is Mister Nabih Berry our partner and we have no other choice

As for the dialogue we assure that this dialogue will continue , as for the natural gaz and oil , we should start invest in these resources because we need income and money , but there is veto on this
Lebanon is in position to defend its oil and gas and should start extracting its oil and gas

we should remember also Imam al Sadr and his companions and we are all the students of such Imam
from Bint Jbeil i like to remind of the merit of Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah and his stands during this war and how he adopted the men of the Resistance
We remember our martyrs who were many who fell during this war

since our childhood we attend the mourning of Imam al Hussain and this is what the Imam said on the tenth , when he said that we were given the choice between war and surrender and Hayhaat Minna al Dhilla , how far is shame from us . This is what we felt during this war where we were given the choice to surrender our weapons and dismantle our party and deliver the two prisoners . either we accept these conditions or they will kill us and our families . We felt that we were going to lose everything but it is as if imam al Hussain himself stood among us saying Hayhaat minna al dhilla , So we told them , we will never do this and God will not let us and we will not favor the hypocrites over the honorable ones

this is this Spirit that lives in all and you can never have access to it
we have chosen and we will continue with the same determination and spirit

and i tell you we have entered the era of victory in this dangerous war , this conspiracy that is so vast, , they have tried everything they can but there is no future for this scheme ; the future of Lebanon is Resistance and the future is that of the people wassalam .


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    God bless the Resistance!

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