All this delay and maneuvers and talks in Moscow and Petersburg are in order to allow Turkey to have a share in what is going in Syria so that Turkey does not lose its share in Syria , and comes back empty handed almost after 5 years of war , and ends up only with the problem of the Kurdish federation on its borders .

Turkey was defeated in Syria and this defeat caused Erdogan ‘s rule to be threatened by a serious military coup that was both arranged and aborted by the US with Russia given the credit to have warned Erdogan about the threat .. But this coup that gave Erdogan more power inside Turkey was not enough to make him survive . For this reason, Erdogan resumed his flow of thugs through the borders and supplied them with best weapons hoping to reverse the situation in his favor. But this has failed also, and now Russia is trying the impossible to have Turkey involved in a way that secures its share in Syria.

Turkey is inviting itself to share in raiding ISIS while allowing the thugs to reach Aleppo from of al Nusrat and other groups of Noureddine al Zinki and other terrorist groups that are monitored by Turkey .And Turkey has summoned Jawad Zarif -the Iranian minister of foreign affairs- to Turkey for the purpose of discussing with him the situation and maybe reaching an agreement of some sort that will trade the stopping of the flow of thugs for consecrating the situation in Aleppo as it is without having the Axis of the Resistance progress on the ground .But who can trust Erdogan?

The lies we have been hearing these last days make one’s hair turn grey, among them the lie that Russia and Turkey want to preserve the unity of Syria. While Turkey certainly fears the establishment of a Kurdish entity but is doing everything to weaken the Syrian state , Russia is helping the Kurds and supporting them and offering to open Hmaimeem’s arsenals to arm them . But nevertheless , Turkey is to be compensated for its loss especially that it has lost its buffer zone maybe for good , All this is no doubt trading with peoples blood and their right to safety and security .

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