Thousands of armed thugs have rallied for the battle of Aleppo and are gathering right now around the city, and they are spreading lies on the internet saying that they have entered the besieged part . The battles on al Ramousseh will resume to day as the thugs of al Nusrat have announced the attack to start this morning to take over the besieged area, but the time had to be delayed because of what the thugs have suffered these last two days .

This is to say that the breach opened in al Ramouseh- that caused the death of one thousand thugs- has been closed, and the battles were raging in the 1070 apartments near the war Academy, and the thugs tanks have been hit and have taken fire, which created lost of havoc among their ranks . These last two days will be decisive, and the forces of the Resistance have not used their full capacities, and the Resistance has surprises that will be revealed in due time.

For the first time, the Resistance has used in Aleppo its drone planes in targeting the thugs locations and movements relying on its own air capacities instead of the reluctant Russian airforce that fled the Aleppo battle field to shell Tadmur allowing the thugs to operate a breach in the south of the besieged part .

The Russians have imposed a 3 hours truce everyday to introduce aid to the inhabitants, and the US has cheered over the fact, and this cannot but look suspicious, and there is fear that this truce works to the advantage of the thugs like other truces imposed by Russia previously .What the inhabitants of Aleppo need is safety and security more than anything else, and – yesterday- 16 innocent civilians were martyred in the Hamdaniyya quartet and dozens injured due to a shelling by the armed thugs that targeted them in their van .

The thugs armed factions seem to have drained all their energies despite the tons of US weapons that are reaching them daily through Turkey , while the Resistance has not used all its power yet . These two days will be determinant, and what we will witness might be another victory if God wills , and on the 14th we will celebrate both victories by God’s grace . The Resistance has taken the vow to defend the people and to defeat Terror and so it shall be.with the help of the Almighty.

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