The stooges are still trying to conspire against the forces of the Resistance and the Russian/ Turkish meetings that have resumed today show clearly that the conspiracy will continue , The original Putin plan to form an anti Terror Coalition made of the sponsors of Terror has been revived, and Turkey wants to share in the air strikes against Terror together with Russia, No one spoke about stopping the flow of thugs, or stopping arming them, or closing the operating rooms that monitor their operations . No one spoke about all this and , suddenly , Turkey is to white wash everything and become eligible to fight Terror . Turkey has started its own rehabilitation by passing intelligence information on to the Russians that helped Russia target a meeting of Terrorists heads at their headquarters . And by this, Turkey hopes to join the anti Terror club, and be admitted to the Russian sponsored anti Terror Coalition . A cheap price no doubt against introducing 360 thousand criminal thugs to Syria and providing them with weapons and ammunition for 5 continuous years and buying their stolen oil and looting the factories of Aleppo and smuggling the Syrian archaeological treasures and killing and displacing millions of Syrians . All this Syria has to forgive and have Turkey share in the anti Terror strikes and this without stopping its terrorist activities . Never such Arrogance , Fraud and Ignorance was ever witnessed

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