A Palestinian woman whose house has been

The first colony of the English Virginia company that landed in the New World in Chesapeake, and founded the colony of Jamestown in 1607 was not well equipped spiritually . This means that there were preachers on board to accompany the settlers but they were mediocre preachers and were cheap speculators.

The British Crown had given permission to the so called company to establish this colony in the new world in order to exploit the resources and find a way to the east and increase the English wealth and power .And the investors started buying shares in order to finance the trip to the north continent and each share amounted to 12 pounds and 20 shillings .

In order to encourage people buy shares , the company launched propaganda campaigns all over the place and hired priests and preachers who spoke extensively and profusely about the exodus and the promised land using the old testament narrative and terms . This worked well, and the share holders number reached 1700 among them the minister of war.

Historians would rather skip this portion of history that sees the first settlers as workers in the company instead of seeing them as Puritans carrying a spiritual message and fleeing persecution. According to Professor Munir Akesh, there was no persecution that the Puritans were fleeing, but there was a project and a task that they were assigned and which is to colonize the new world for the interests of the British crown ,

Colonize meant here Canaanize according to the settlers who thought that they were endowed with a divine mission as the chosen people to whom this land was promised that needed to be cleansed from its original people so that the settlers can move in . From the beginning ,there was no possible coexistence or cohabitation with the original population . The Natives were to be chased out and killed and genocided by divine decree.



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