Excerpts From the Speech of Sayyed Abdel Malik al Houthi


20 April 2015

This assault seeks women and children , those who support this assault are behaving like Israel who cheered over this assault and blessed this assault.

The Yemenis are not threatening any Arab nation or Muslim , the Saudis are the ones who threaten others . The Saudis despise the Yemenis and look down on the Yemenis , What kind of legitimacy has this assault.
The Saudis have no right to impose their will on Yemen.The Revolution wanted to dialogue for the sake of all. and what was wanted is delay and waste of time because they had already decided to wage war.
The Revolution had lend its hand to all but they wanted to create void in order to start their assault.

The Saudis want al Qa’ida to control Yemen ,They wanted to create conflict with the south. Who allowed al Qa’ida to control al Mukalla? We are one with the Yemenis of the south to fight together al Qa’ida and any other assaulter and we will leave them to take the lead and stay beside them.
The Saudis want to subjugate the Yemenis , it is because they are tyrants and want us to be under their custody . Saudis have no agendas of their own , they never had an agenda , and what they do is for the benefit of Israel.


They want Yemen to be under the mercy of al Qa’ida . Mansur Hadi totally surrendered to the Saudis and this was useless because they remained ill-intentioned towards Yemen.


Even if the Yemen surrendered this will not change the Saudi arrogance but things will even worsen .they put the whole country under the threat of al Qa’ida.
Iran is not in Yemen and because the Saudis were not up to Iran they let it out on Yemen.


Iran feels responsible towards other nations and they have dignity . The UN position is not surprising because the UNSC never stood for justice and Palestine is the example . this assault has no legitimacy.


The Yemenis have the legitimacy of the Koran . Those who are fighting because they are oppressed God will lead them to victory.


The Yemenis will never surrender . Those who think that they will subdue the Yemenis are deluded and we bet on God and rely on God while the Saudis rely on US and bet on US.


It is the right of the Yemenis to defend Yemen and they are hiring armies and asking all to help them in their assault and rallying those who are reluctant . while the Yemenis rush to serve their countries . We have God to support us and God to rely on and it is the best of all supports.


Patience and steadfastness i ask from the people and God is with the patient ones and to stand together as one and overlook the differences.


those who support the assault among Yemenis are betraying their country and they will lose

to strengthen the inner front so as not to let the enemy interfere or have a say and to remain in full vigilance.


We rely on God and they rely on US and we are subject to injustice and this is our strength . Steadfastness and God obedience is our strength .
May God have mercy on our martyrs and injured
End of speech of Sayyed Abdel Malik al Houthi.

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