Dalal Al Mughrabi



Once again we can celebrate the liberation of the freedom fighters from Israeli prisons. This time they are the freedom fighters of Palestine . The last time we celebrated was in 2008 when Israel released the eldest Arab Lebanese detainee Samir Al Qantar -after more than 25 years of incarceration -and four other Lebanese freedom fighters . Al Qantar who was once told by an Israeli prison officer :” He is not yet born the man who can set you free” .Luckily enough this man was born and many men like him were also born to pure dedicated mothers and fathers , many men were born and mothers are still giving birth , these are the men of the Resistance , our Resistance.

The last time we celebrated in Lebanon it was summer , and the sun shone high in the Lebanese sky , but it was gloomy and raining in so called Israel, it was raining in so called Israel and shining bright in Lebanon ,we were holding our breath along with the mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers , we held our breath until the detainees crossed the borders ; they were welcomed by music and dances and acclaimed ; the sight of the Israelis was unforgettable; while celebrations were taking place on the Lebanese side and flowers and rice were showering over the liberated ones on the tune of music and dances and women’s tears and laughter , the Israelis were shamefully carrying two black wooden coffins that contained the remains of two infamous Israeli soldiers captured by the Lebanese Resistance and exchanged .

The Israelis carried the coffins of their dead soldiers shamefully inside occupied Palestine, while celebrations were filling the Lebanese soil and air . Then it started raining in so called Israel ; rain started pouring over the dead bodies in the wooden black coffins. We felt that the Israelis got their due : Dead remains in coffins under rain of people who received their just punishment; while we –on the other side got our due as well in the form of victorious freedom fighters liberated by the determination and commitment of the men of the Resistance returning to their homeland to their brothers and sisters and celebrating . The sky showered flowers on them , flowers and rice.

Truly, it was justice that prevailed on that blessed day … nothing but justice , natural justice in the form of tears and laughter , and Natural Law prevailed and we felt extreme joy. It seemed-on this day that the game ended the way it should end : Victory and Defeat, Glory and Shame . Had the Israelis got some insight , they could have forseen what was in store for them and where all this play is heading to . It is simply heading to their utter defeat at the hands of the committed steadfast Resistance to which they submitted after waging the fiercest war on it in 2006 accepting compelled the terms of exchange set by the Resistance concerning the two kidnapped Israeli soldiers.

When the steadfast armed Resistance speaks its eloquent speech , when the dedicated Resistance commits itself to the righteous war , there is nothing left for Israelis except to pack and go, carry their shameful black actions in black coffins and leave the place that never was theirs and never will be and which they never deserved ,

Now you can understand why this noble unshakable Resistance of the people ,of all people , against the enemy of all , is feared and tracked and targeted in all places and at all times . In Syria , in Lebanon , in Palestine , in Iran, at the International Community and the UN , in Sudan , in Libya , in Egypt and in Africa , this Unshakable Resistance that liberated Samir al Qantar and defeated Israel twice, and is liberating today hundreds of Palestinian prisoners and detainees against one Israeli soldier, is wanted above all .

Billions are being spent and whole armies mobilized to get its head , wars for freedom and democracy and peoples’ rights are being waged every where . The weapon of utter sectarianism used and exploited to its full capacity to divide brothers in religion and humanity . The threats of religious and ethnic partitions plaguing the whole region . Weapons and military bases and anti missile shields and you name it raised and established everywhere , Fanatics thugs recruited , trained , armed and funded to be used whenever and wherever. NGOS and human rights organizations and internet facilities and utilities , all created and funded by the world order to get this Resistance and subjugate it and neutralize it .

All this has for single purpose but one thing : and all this has not yet touched one hair of our invincible Resistance . Do you need to hear more in order to assert the value of the armed Resistance of the people in Lebanon and in Palestine ? We have seen and we have believed , can you hear the truth and listen to the facts and believe so that we celebrate together not only the actual liberation of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners but the actual liberation of the whole of Palestine and the return of all Palestinians to their homeland ? The Resistance is the sure way , the only way tested , proved and approved!!

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