The US historians prefer to start the US history from the landing of the English Puritan settlers in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620, while the first colony was founded before that in 1607 .

The first colony was the company called Virginia that settled in Jamestown by orders of king James . This company did not start as a success, and the English people back home complained about the fact that the settlers looted the money and lived in precarious conditions, and that this colonial endeavor had no divine purpose.

Professor Munir Akesh says that this is what caused the colonization later to take a religious turn, and to be undertaken by Puritans, and to be carried on in the name of Yahwe- the God of the Jews- and to seek to dislodge the original population- seen as the Canaanites- and give their land to the chosen people of God – eventually the Puritan settlers – who were coming from Europe like Moses came from Egypt to take the land that God has given them .

This was the first israel that was founded in the new continent in what will become the United States, long before the usurping state of Israel was established . It is the same idea of usurping a land and replacing one people by another and one culture by another that created both countries founded both on an original crime and genocide.

After the Puritans came to Plymouth , Jamestown , the original colony of the Virginia company named after king James , flourished again and grew and expanded after it was given the spiritual shot administered by the Holy Puritans who committed their crimes against the original population thinking that they were inspired by God whom they represented on earth.

This divine shot will continue to boost the colonial endeavor that gained ground in the North continent over the remains of millions of Native indigenous , until it became what is called now the United Stated that is the biggest and most successful colonial endeavor that ever existed, and the biggest graveyard of Natives around the globe.

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