Russia is not a pole to the World Order as the Intellectual elites insist on saying by mentioning that the struggle between Russia and the US is an existential struggle . The question is : How is the struggle between them existential when both agree on the safety of israel ?

Why these intellectuals insist on this is because they do not want Iran to look as the pole to the World Order . This makes them see things under a different light and to interpret things in a different way that is not necessarily true . They say that- before the battle of Aleppo- Russia had secured Turkey’s neutrality. This is a lie of course . Turkey was already defeated when the decision was taken – at all levels — to enter the battle of Aleppo with or without Russia. And Turkey and Russia and US knew this .And Russia- that is on the ground , and well informed about the capacities of the Axis of the Resistance – knew that the battle was already won, and it was decided – for this reason- that Russia will contribute to it. This is when the fake coup was fabricated – in Turkey – in order to give Erdogan the alibi of neutrality, and to compensate him for the loss of Aleppo by giving him a total grip over his country .

The World Order with its all its ramifications acts as one against its enemies of the Axis of the Resistance.

Those who speak about Russia being a pole to the World Order do not know that Russia owes its weapons arsenals to USA who renewed Russia’s weaponry and maintained it including the nuclear heads and is behind Russia’s weapon flourishing industry..

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