al Jumhuriyya local News paper speaks about a secret visit that Assad made to Moscow just before Netenyahu’s 4th visit to Putin . While Netenyahu’s visit was highlighted, Assad’s visit to Moscow was kept secret , and what was discussed is a compromise regarding the situation scheduled for the coming month of August. This month will be the month of the agreement reached that will not exclude the Golan Heights . The agreement sponsored by Russia and US and UN is kept secret by the Russians and speaks of course of the northern federal Kurdish state that will be under total Russian custody .
As for the rest of Syria, there is no final settlement until the new US administration takes over, but, meanwhile, each will remain in its position . and the moderate so called opposition factions will keep their hegemony over areas that are of agricultural nature while the rule will get the areas of trade and oil . These regions will relate to one another according to a federal agenda in the wide sense of the term. In return, al Nusrat will be considered terrorist, and al Raqqa and Deir al Zur will be cleansed – as a result- together with al Mosul in Iraq – provided the Syrian Army does not enter the eastern section of Aleppo .
All this will be sponsored by Russia. The article says that there is a Russian officer in every Syrian military operating room that monitors everything . The article adds that the Iranians were informed by Assad about the whole picture and they did not mind the whole outcome as a principle . .

The visit of Erdogan to Moscow scheduled soon will discuss the whole issue and will put Turkey in the picture as well . Erdogan will have to put up with the Kurdish entity, but in a way he has been given the opportunity to tighten his grip over Turkey

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