The al Nusrat is ready to change its skin and to dress differently, and it is ready to shed its old skin for it has become ripe and it would have to bid farewell to its mother al Qa’ida and become moderate, and this by a magic trick operated by magician Uncle Sam. And they have the nerve to offer this to us as moderate opposition .

For more deceit, the al Nusrat will change its name and flag and maybe some beards would have to be sacrificed . This will come in handy in order to spare the al Nusrat who would have to be spared. as moderate opposition and maybe taken to the negotiation table in Geneva .

No doubt, the Axis of the Resistance is trying to catch up on the lost time, and gain ground trying to tighten the siege on Aleppo and control the road of supplies , and they have succeeded in doing this.

No doubt, the Russian element was there as he would not leave the skies of Aleppo as has been mentioned. , because the Russians would not let the Axis of the Resistance reap victory alone, but they want their share, or they want to secure the World Order’s share in the whole deal, and this will lead to introduce US as a real partner in the whole military operation that will include joint US / Russian military air strikes in Syria . which is considered as a direct threat on the Axis of the Resistance and on Syria

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