Hollande is the biggest terrorist that ever existed in France and the real ISIS, and he is the one who decapitated yesterday the 84 year old priest in Rouen. This is because Terror has become an intrinsic part of the internal and external French policy . The French authorities have conceived and bred Terror, and why they did this is because Terror is their true self and their real image and expression , and we have not forgotten yet the one million Algerians that fell Martyrs not long time ago at the hands of the merciless French colonialists .
It is not a matter of turning a blind eye , it is a matter of actually sponsoring and creating Terror and recruiting and training terrorists , then complaining and getting outraged when Terror hits home and threatening with the war on Terror in order to generate more Terror world wide .
Journalist Hassan Hamade on al Manar TV described the process of manufacturing Terror by the French authorities. The whole process is monitored by the French secret services and by the ministry of Interior that is also the ministry of Cults or Religions responsible for the Religious activities . . And the Mosques- that were built by Saudi Arabia- for the most- are the recruiting places, and they are directly placed under the authority of the ministry of interior .

In these mosques, the recruit is exposed to the sectarian hate instigating speech of the sheikh; while outside the Mosque, he is exposed to the French Media that broadcast all kinds of lies about Syria . Thus, the recruit is bombarded from these two sources of information coming from two different places .Once the message assimilated , the recruit becomes ready to go to Syria after receiving training in places like Turkey for example.

The recruits are – of course- from the Muslim community living in France in poor conditions, and they are segregated against and mislead by their religious references and manipulated by the French media. There are thousands of thugs coming from Europe and joining ISIS. Something similar must have happened with the Jewish community before and after WWII. A mixture of segregation and various pressures together with Zionist propaganda must have pushed the Zionist Jews to head to Palestine and cause the Palestinian plight .

This process of recruiting thugs is not restricted to France , but is also found in many places – in Europe- and in Russia mostly where all kinds of Asian workers coming to live and work in Russia to improve their living conditions, are being recruited by thousands in the Mosques at the hands of Chechen middlemen . So what does one expect when one plays with fire ?


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