Where sectarianism failed, secularism might work, especially
that Syria seems to have been taken into Russian custody. From the Axis
of the Resistance to the Russian Umbrella a big step has been made
and certainly a step that is not in favor of the armed Resistance .The
truth is that the World Order had more than one trick in his bag
regarding Syria and, for some reasons, Syria could not continue to
fight this war the way it started fighting it on behalf of the Axis of
the Resistance, and as part of this Axis. Maybe Syria was not qualified
– from the beginning- for this kind of challenge that requires a social
solidarity and a real consensus around the government and the rule
and other things as well that were missing.
For this reason, as we say in Arabic, “the wind blew contrary to where the
vessel was heading.” The winds blew the other way and the Syrian Spring
came late and is just starting and this means that Syria who will soon
attend Geneva 2- without the presence of Iran – will not open
soon the Golan Heights in front of the freedom fighters. It will rather
regain the trust of the World Order and will continue- like before- to
play on political contradictions to find its place on the world plateau,
a place that it will try its best to keep and that seems to have the
priority over any other place. Syria has won this war no doubt but
has failed in reaping the fruits of its victory for the benefit of the Axis of
the Resistance for which it bravely fought and much sacrificed, but it
was not in the cards that Syria invests in such a victory .
The particularity of the Arab Spring – whether in Syria or in Egypt or
elsewhere – is that it works on consecrating a certain status quo , it
does not seek to change but seeks rather to make any favorable change
in the right direction not only impossible but also unwanted and
undesired . This way , after all the plight it went through and which is
not over yet , Syria will remain the same, with the difference that it
might not – for a long time – seek any favorable significant change in
the right direction ..
We salute Syria, its people and its army and we think that no sacrifice
is wasted that is offered to a righteous cause. The choice is
always there and the road is open and the Golan Heights could be
liberated the same way Lebanon was
liberated…The path of the Resistance is hard but that of
surrender is harder…

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