According to sources from al Safir , the Russians in Syria will not trade the military achievements in Syria -in the anti Terror war – – against lucrative Saudi proposals of financial investments and oil money that are offered to Putin provided Russia gives up Assad . The article shows clearly that Assad and Syria are objects of transactions for Russia, and Russia has found a better investment in the war on Terror on the side of Assad and the Axis of the Resistance .

This is to say that since the war on terror started, the achievements of the Axis of the Resistance have been channeled to Russia by the Syrian rule , and it is Russia that reaped the fruits of the 2013 victory of al Qusair for example – achieved by the Resistance – and Russia has grown as a result to become an world power on the international scene instead of a regional limited power .

Russia has found a treasure in Syria, and a rule that was ready to have this treasure accessible to the Russians .This is what is keeping Russia around .Let those deluded by Russia and who are investing in Russia as a pole to the World Order accept this fact. that Russia is doing business in Syria and nothing else , a dirty business that is causing bloodshed and displacement and chaos and havoc and destroying a country and a society . …

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