Saudi activist on Twitter Mujtahid says that the visit undertaken by retired Saudi major general Anwar Eshqi to Tel Aviv is sponsored by the Saudi rule in the full meaning of the word and comes in the framework of the competition between the two heirs to the Saudi throne- Muhammad bin Nayef and Mohammad bin Salman- to seek the US favors .

Eshqi has been sent by Muhammad bin Salman- according to Mujtahid – and this is a significant daring step according to him . This comes at same time a phone call took place between Putin and Netenyahu to coordinate efforts between Russia and israel regarding the fight against Terror .

Palestinian expert Adel Samara says that this is a step towards liquidating the Palestinian cause and a Saudi declaration of war – on Palestine this time – after Iraq and Syria .. This happens while documents have been released that say that KSA had provided israel with Intelligent information about the Resistance during the 2006 war on Lebanon .

This is to say that it is Russia and KSA that will be responsible for the coordination with israel regarding the anti Terror war and the vast anti Terror Coalition that is supposed to include Syria- as well- after USA has signed the nuclear agreement with Iran and distanced itself – seemingly- from direct involvement in the Terror / anti Terror confrontation .

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