What does it mean to target the Hazaras in Afghanistan whereby more than 80 fell victims and 120 injured yesterday in an attack claimed by ISIS in Kabul on a Hazara protest ? What does ISIS want from the Hazaras of Afghanistan ? Whether in Karrada , Iraq, or in Kabul, or in Bahrain, or in Nigeria where they were massacred by thousands during a peaceful procession , it is the Shi’as who are intentionally targeted in these places not to speak of Iran and Hizbullah the ever targets of the World Order since decades .

It is not to adopt the sectarian narrative in any way , it is just to see a reality and admit a fact . Shi’a Islam seems to be a threat to the World Order , the biggest threat . Because it is true authentic Islam and is the real challenge- though maybe not the only Challenge – .to the World Order This Islam is the Islam that is fit to survive, that is successfully overcoming the obstacles , that is qualified to defeat the World Order .

Karbalaa’ is the continuous battle that we are witnessing and one of its chapters is the 2006 victory over the World Order and Israel.. Karbalaa’ al Imam al Hussain is not over yet , but will still unfold chapter after chapter until final victory is reaped .

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