This Russian / israeli cooperation can no more be hidden. It has come out to the light . And now they will start openly to coordinate against Terror . Imagine coordinating with israel – the mother of Terror- against Terror . And this is monitored by Russia because it is Putin that came up with the idea to form an anti Terror front that groups the sponsors of Terror themselves that are KSA , Turkey and Jordan which Putin proposed to the Syrian minister of foreign affairs last summer .

What does this last contact between Putin and Netenyahu reveal ? This contact first explains the turning over in Turkey and the shift that Turkey is expected to operate in its policy regarding Syria that will start a new chapter, and also explains the visit that the Saudis made to israel this week to meet israeli officials in the foreign affairs ministry.

This is all made the serve one purpose which is to include israel in the anti Terror Coalition that Syria is expected to join as well . Now, that the US and Russia are working to implement a cease fire in Syria that will consecrate the situation on the ground, Terror is expected to become neutralized and a natural constituent of the society that will share in the land and in the rule . This is expected to be worked out in Geneva between the opposition which is non other than the terrorist groups monitored by USA, and the Syrian rule represented by Russia . If these armed factions that are the terrorist groups are to become neutralized and if a final political settlement is to be reached with those – then- who is the terrorist that this Coalition made of the sponsors of Terror will fight ? I leave it for you to find the answer.

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