Once more the Saudis visit officially israel . The Saudis no more hide their relations with the usurping state. Retired Saudi major general Anwar Eshqi headed a delegation of Saudi academicians and businessmen and visited the usurping state to meet officials from the israeli ministry of foreign affairs . No doubt these frequent Saudi / israeli encounters mean that there a new turn and a new chapter in the Arab / israeli relations that will seek recognition and normalization . The US is pushing in this direction and the Saudis and the Egyptians and the Jordanians are going for it . If this means something it means that the Palestinian cause is the price for such rapprochement between KSA and israel that is burning the steps . The Saudis will no more commit themselves to the Arab Peace Initiative that puts as conditions for any normalization : the establishment of a Palestinian State and the right to return to the refugees . But the Saudis seem to have put behind them this initiative and will go for the israeli scheme of annexing more than 60% of the West Bank and transferring the Palestinians to Jordan . And Jordan has already started putting the political framework for such a deal whereby Palestinians will have a double nationality and will share actively in the political life .The Palestinian Authority has been almost totally neutralized for this purpose.

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