Treason, Not Revolution

egypt-coupMursi was not removed because of his many mistakes, nor was he removed because of his anti Syrian stands as people tend to believe . In fact, the whole of Egypt had taken an anti Syrian stand and not just Mursi . Nor was Mursi removed by the Egyptians, he was removed by the World Order the same way Mubarak was removed and Kaddhafi and Ben ‘Ali and previously Saddam Hussein .So let us stop fooling ourselves and turning a blind eye to what is happening . There is something people should understand and assimilate after so many instances of toppling and removing and conspiring against countries and peoples .

These are not revolutionary times for sure , these are subjugation times, and times of assault and genocide and destruction with one light dispelling the darkness of the Arab world which is that of the Lebanese Resistance . A light that cannot be dimmed .Other than that there is degeneration everywhere, especially after the so called Arab Spring .

The world Order has removed Mursi the same way it has removed other stooges who had served their term and were more useful dead and destitute than alive and prosperous. If the World Order removed Mursi, with whom then shall we stand ? Shall we stand with Mursi or with the World Order or with neither ? Should we support the unjust World Order in toppling Saddam Hussein and Mubarak and Mursi whom we consider as bad rulers and corrupt presidents ? The answer is NO , we should never support the World Order , never , because we will be acting against our own selves and against justice and we should NEVER cooperate with the unjust World Order nor carry on its will in any matter especially regarding our country and people and government.

Never should we support the World order in whatever the World Order undertakes even if it looks as if it is doing the right thing . The world Order brought Mursi, and the World Order failed Mursi and will not let him rule- or continue to rule- after promoting him and granting him the presidency of Egypt . This toppling of Mursi and depriving the Muslim Brothers of the rule is very bad, not for the Muslim Brothers , but for Egypt as a whole . There is an injustice that has been committed and the Muslim Brothers were wronged, and they will be set against those who wronged them, and will seek justice and compensation, and will feel hostility towards a great portion of the society who stood with the World Order against them.

The Muslim Brothers are a major constituent of the Egyptian society and of all Arab societies that cannot be overlooked or shunned . The Muslim Brothers will never forget this backstabbing and backbiting and putting all the miseries of Egypt on the one year presidency of Mursi . This is a shame and a want in manhood and courage on behalf of the Egyptian Army who co authored this unhappy scheme, and exposed the country to a great threat and created discord among the one people by violating rights and inflicting a deep wound to the psyche of the Muslim Brothers that will never heal . Now, instead of the stooge that he really is, and thanks to the Egyptian Army and to the foreign affiliated NGOs who organized this whole setting , Mursi has acquired the privileged status of a victim- that is a much higher status than the previous one – granted to him by the Army who proved to surpass Mursi in treachery and treason.

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