The Abdallah Issa 11 years old Palestinian boy was beheaded by the Noureddine al Zinki killer gang sponsored and armed and trained by USA as legal opposition to the Assad regime . The boy was receiving treatment in the hospital and suffers from Thalassemia and diabetes and has been abducted by the killers from the hospital .

It was not an individual decision – as pretended- but a decision taken at the level of the commandment. The boy was sentenced to death because his father serves in the Palestinian Liberation Army – in the al Qods brigade- who is defending the Palestinian camp of Handarat – near Aleppo – together with the Syrian army against the terrorist. thugs

The criminals decided to take revenge on the child and beheaded him in front of all . The US- that was caught red handed in this bloody crime- said- through its spokesman- that it will go over its support of the Noureddine al Zinky terrorist faction after what happened . But this does not mean that it will not go over its support of the other factions that are non different from al Zinki.and have drowned Syria and Iraq in blood.

The PLO had asked its delegate to raise the problem in the UN, and the delegate said that this is an unbelievable crime, and that the purpose of the Arab Spring was to subdue the Palestinians and liquidate the Palestinian cause and that the Palestinians are the first target of this spring..

No doubt that this crime was committed by the UN who did not lift a finger to prevent these slaughters from happening in Syria but is sharing visibly in the escalation and the promotion of Terror . This unforgivable crime – that happened before the cameras that were ready to shoot the horror scene and then publish it on the social media- has been committed by the World administration – in all its constituents and components- accompanied by our unforgivable complacency .

We – as Arabs and as humans- join our voice to Sheikh Khaled al Malla of Iraq , and put this crime before all the religious references, of the world and especially the Sunni religious references and authorities, to decide what to do regarding this crime that was committed in the name of the Religion .

This little boy, sick , abducted , persecuted and beheaded by the terrorist thugs and then filmed by Hollywood will not leave us alone.


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