It is shameful really how some pro Assad thinkers and intellectuals are trying to implicate the Muslim Brothers of Egypt and HAMAS in everything bad or controversial or even criminal , and they do this openly in the media and everywhere else . This is not to say that the Muslim Brothers are innocent or did not cooperate with the US administration ; they did , but exposing them without exposing the other factions who cooperated the same – if not more- like the Military Council or Tamarod or other, is not only prejudiced but is also dishonest, and many intellectuals and thinkers among those we respect are doing this. They are exposing HAMAS and the Muslim Brothers of Egypt labeling them as terrorists or pro US and at the same time they are promoting rulers like al Sisi who was chief of Intelligence under Mubarak, justifying his acts and his military coup and his oppressive means, seeing in him a national hero and seeing in the Egyptian army, a par to the Syrian army .

This is frankly dishonest and serves an agenda . The MB coordinated with US administration alright, but so did the Egyptian officers and the Military Council by cooperating fully with the Pentagon with the difference that – now- the Muslim Brothers of Egypt have been prohibited and their assets frozen and their leaders under lock while the Military Council and the minister of Defense – who is non other than al Sisi- have seized power. In order to go around this matter , the pro Assad intellectuals are saying that US is putting pressure on al Sisi and withholding aid to the army because Egypt has opted to open up to Russia . Well, now that the US aid has been resumed , what are they going to say ? And why not see in all this an orchestrated situation where each of the US and Russia and Egypt have assumed a character and a role and why not ask whether we – supporters of the unity and integrity of Syria and of the Resistance- have anything to gain in joining this masquerade ?

This is a real problem with those people who are defending the Syrian cause but are ready to sacrifice many facts and truths .This is not what we need. . We need to see clear in all this bundle of things and we need to see what the world order has in store for us . HAMAS IS NOT OUR ENEMY , NOR AL SISI OUR FRIEND, AND RUSSIA HAS ITS OWN INTERESTS THAT ARE NOT OURS NECESSARILY .. Syria has much more to gain in defining its position and refraining from embarking on this anti terrorist trip where the terrorist is some obscure dark unknown force whose destruction will please Russia but will deviate the struggle from its real path . Syria should retrieve its will and its decision and not serve any force that is alien to the basic Arab / Israeli struggle .The terrorists are Israel and the world order and their tools and not some destitute Muslim Brother leader rotting in jail .And military secularism is not an answer to our problems but all our problems will be solved when we direct our weapons to the real enemy .

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