The BDS and the state of Israel seem to be coordinating quite well with each other in order to promote the Apartheid state that will give Israel the legal status it needs to continue to exist as a recognized legitimate state after it has been denied legitimacy . The NGO called BDS (Boycott Divest and sanction) is working hand in hand with Israelis in order to prove tha…t Israel is an Apartheid state- according to the South African model- that requires anti Apartheid policies like Boycott and the rest. Our own understanding is that Israel should be boycotted as a whole and not only her policies, and should be shunned and denounced for what it is : an advanced military base for colonialist powers created by the colonialist west under the label of religion in order to partition and weaken Arab countries and keep them under western hegemony . Therefore Israel should be exposed as usurping expansionist genocidal criminal state responsible of assaulting ,chasing , humiliating , incarcerating and abusing and exterminating the original population.

After losing two consecutive wars at the hands of Hizbullah , Israel – whose existence has been under threat and who fears for its continuity – is trying to acquire the legal status of an Apartheid state and trying to hide its genocidal reality behind a fake racism in order to be more presentable and less offensive . Israel is helped in this by BDS and EI and other so called pro Palestinian NGOs that coordinate with Israeli NGOs for this purpose. In order to cater to this status, and in conformity with its Apartheid aspirations Israel has already declared itself a Jewish state to appear in its new religious racist garbs . This declaration of the Jewish state – that caters for racism so much desired by the Zionist usurpers- was followed – recently – by a decision to segregate buses for Palestinians that they will use at the exclusion of Zionist settlers . Israel has inaugurated two lines of these buses consecrated to Palestinians hoping by this that it will strengthen its position as an Apartheid state whereby – instead of evacuating the usurped land and returning the land to its original inhabitants – Israel will work on reducing the so called segregationist policies, some of which she has just started implementing . A good deal no doubt Israel is offering : give me legality and recognition and instead of being genocidal I am ready to become racist ! Thank you Israel.! And Thank you BDS !

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