The English revolutionaries belonging to the Puritans who settled in North America, and gave to the land its major features and characteristics , did not cross the ocean for business reasons or in order to practice freely their belief. . Inspired by Hebraic religious texts , the new settlers considered the new continent a place where the “End of the World “.will materialize …. John Smith who established – in year 1607- the first permanent colony in Jamestown, was followed -50 years later by 80 thousands English settlers who founded 18 independent groups, each of them enjoying full sovereignty over his colony . But all these groups had assumed an Hebraic identity and taken the title of “ Chosen people” and consecrated the Hebrew language and asked for the application of Mose’s Law , and called the land that has fallen under their jurisdiction : “ Land of Canaan” and “ New Israel” and “ Zion” and “ Promised Land” and other attributes used by the Zionists nowadays to designate Palestine. All these groups took a special pleasure in exterminating the Native population with one sadistic feeling and one moral legendary justification where they projected , on themselves and on their victims respectively the image of the Hebrews and that of the Canaanites . The “End of Times “or the “End of the World “was an idea that haunted them. Their mere exodus from Egypt/ England to the promised Land/ America , was an indication that God had chosen them to establish the empire of abolishment and extermination on this land that they are destined to rule for the known period of one thousand years after which everything shall disappear . This is how – on the hands of the white Puritan English settlers – the Kingdom of God fell from heaven down to earth and degenerated from a Kingdom ruled by Saints into a Kingdom ruled by the Chosen English men whose task was to replace one people by another and one culture by another and win both the heavens and the earth.

adapted from Prof Munir Akash : The Talmud according to Uncle Sam

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