A common mistake that all media commits is to consider Erdogan a Muslim Brother .The truth is that Erdogan defected from the Muslim Brothers and founded his own Party that is the AKP that is not the original Muslim Brothers Party but a different Party .

The original Muslim Brothers of Turkey ,who carry the Muslim Brother agenda that is a known agenda, is the Sa’aadet Party- or the Felicity Party- founded by PM Necemeddin Erbakan after he was removed from the rule by the Army in 1997 and his brotherhood Party dissolved . When this happened , Erdogan defected from the original MB and founded the AKP and assumed the Muslim Brothers identity, and rallied around him those among Turks who wanted Turkey to acquire a Muslim identity and not a secular one and they are a little bit less than half the population .

. Erdogan had accepted what Erbakan had refused – and for which he was removed -which is to cooperate closely with the west and carry on the western agenda of curbing Iran and the Axis of the Resistance by embracing the sectarian Sunni / Shi’a alignment that will divide the community and weaken the armed Resistance against israel and weaken Iran .

This , Erdogan accepted to do , and the western powers rewarded him by helping him ascend to power and boosted his rule by supporting the Turkish economy and investing in Turkey and providing material comfort and leisure to the Turks . If Erdogan were a real Muslim Brother like Morsi is , he would have been behind bars by now,and tried for treason , but he is a fake Muslim Brother and a Zionist impostor and infiltrator like Erbakan himself describes him .

Erdogan is cheating the Turks more than he is cheating anyone else, and no body is taking seriously his Sunni Leadership or his Ottoman dreams, but he happens to be at the intersection where the Turanian National Turkish dream meets the pan Islamic Ottoman dream and this is what works in his favor as expressed by writer Ibrahim Alloush . But he is a stooge all the same and his key lies in Washington DC.

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