The Turkish military coup could not have happened without US green light many sources say, but it seems that the military who are second rank officers were lured into starting the coup in anticipation when they were not fully ready and prepared . This means that the coup was meant to be aborted and those who aborted it on the ground were the security forces and Intelligence services that are the secret army of Erdogan who took care of the putschists and defeated them . Those were prepared to face the coup and confront it much more than the putschists were prepared and they overcame them in no time .

It seems the US was manipulating both sides , at the same time it was working with the putschists who are loyal to Gulen apparently to start their coup , it was at the same time informing the secret Intelligence and the secret police of Erdogan about what was going to happen . and they took measures and precautions that seemed effective . Erdogan is taking advantage of the situation to strengthen his grip over the whole country . 8 thousand policemen have been relieved from their duties , thousands of prosecutors dismissed , the academicians will suffer a similar campaign in the universities and the Media had already its share of the cleansing ,

Still Erdogan is but a stooge and if the US intended to remove him , he would have been removed as those who preceded him were removed , but he has been given additional time and another chance, and the US does not mind that he imposes his grip on his country and changes the rule in his favor and this suits perfectly the World Order to have the Turks more subdued even than they really are and to give them no choice or alternative but the insane dreams of Erdogan – that of the Ottoman Khilafa or that of the Turanian Nation .

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