To all the Native Nations of the New World . My dear Brothers and Sisters while you seem to think that you have been facing for the last 500 hundred years another civilization or culture or religion alien to your culture and that was so different from your own way of thinking and living at the hands of which you had to suffer so many ailments that are not over yet , the truth is that you have been confronting hoards of pirates and outlaws and thugs. You have been confronting criminal thugs who had no religion and no belief ; gangs of killers and thieves that crossed the ocean in the name of some religion which they usurped and assumed and used as a cover for their shameful deeds .
These invaders were of the lowest kind and not representative of any religion or culture of the white man. These uncivilized unruly hoards that were after material gain were simple thieves . There were not discoverers or adventurers or tradesmen or scientists or spiritual teachers in any way , they were just criminal gangs seeking the loot, but they assumed an air of superiority and pretended to belong to a lofty religion and the Natives believed them . They were just greedy lustful criminals . They were the first al Qa’ida , sent to subdue nations and exterminate them in order to appropriate their wealth and build an empire over the remains of others .
In fact, the Native Nations are confronting the same enemy as Palestinians and Syrians are confronting nowadays and they have been confronting him for almost 500 hundred years but they have failed in identifying him seeing in him instead a race , a religion and a culture and investing him with powers and capacities . Had they identified him from the beginning as a criminal thug , many hardships would have been spared . This was no religion and no culture claimed by the colonizer thugs; this was the first al Quaida holding the Christian banner . After that it will hold the Jewish banner to usurp Palestine.

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