The World Order wants all people to become totally helpless not just the Palestinians , Palestinians are just the most pronounced case among the victims of the World Order . How Arab societies or African societies or third world societies would be like had they not been colonized and occupied and sacked by the world order? A question difficult to answer. Our imagination cannot but fall short of imagining what our lives would have been like had we been spared this destiny . We don’t have a clue and we are trying to understand what happened to us. How did we become bereft of our memory ? The great plight of the Native Indigenous was not that their land was taken or that they were enslaved and slain and chased out of their villages and abducted and starved and abused in every form , the great plight of the Native indigenous was that they were stripped off their culture and language and religion , they were deprived of every tool they could use on the mental level to connect to their civilization and be what they really are .
The Yankee authorities had decided to kill the Indian and save the man , They invented something called the Residential Schools where they recruited every Native aged between 7 and 15, tearing them apart from their families, and surrendering them to local religious schools where they were handed to priests and nuns who abused them in every respect, and taught them that they were savages who needed to forsake their religion and language to become eligible human beings.
The natives had their heads shaved and their braids cut and their tongue pierced with needles when they spoke their own Native tongue. They were enslaved instead of taught, and were forced to change their names and surnames , they became nobody. Many Native children never survived this experience . Half of them died from abuse and overwork . Those -who made it – learned to despise their culture and disdain their heritage and give up on their ancestors and renounce their parents to end up psychologically very disturbed to the point of committing suicide or trying to annihilate oneself at a certain point.
These residential schools took care of what remained of the Native population in the North continent of whom only 2.5 millions remain of the 20 millions who originally populated the continent . They are the original inhabitants .They lived in this land which they called Turtle Island for thousands of years. Where are the Turtle Islanders now ? They are confined to Reservations where they can hardly find food and where prevails every kind of corruption , from drinking to drug use to gambling and you name it .
Where are the great beliefs of the Natives ? Where is the respect of nature, of the animal and vegetable kingdom , the awe to the elderly , the healing practices , the initiations , the rituals , the language , the religion ., the traditions and cultures , What happened to all this? This has been occupied like the land has been occupied . The original thoughts and beliefs were chased out and alienating ideas and beliefs and practices replaced them , like the white settlers replaced the natives and like Israelis replaced the Palestinians. It is not only the native land that has been occupied , it is the native mind that was occupied , and become hopeless and helpless.
What happened to the Native Indigenous happened also to the Black Africans- who were also uprooted to become nobody – taking surnames that have nothing to do with them , they hardly knew who they were and where from they came . It also happened to the Africans who remained in Africa who were attacked in their religion and traditions after having their land taken and their resources confiscated . It happened to Arabs and Indians and to so many nations . It happened to all practically in different proportions .All have lent their brains to the western way of thinking and being and living . The native mind lost its environment and its native way of life .
Not that these Natives from all over the world will become westernized or will be something other than what they are. The truth is that they will become nobody. It is required -before retrieving the land- that people retrieve their minds. It is required that they chase the occupier out and recover their own confiscated will and reset their own thinking along different lines that originate from their free will and originality . If they can retrieve their mind they can retrieve everything else and defeat the usurper.

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