Those who think that Erdogan is a national or Muslim leader or has anything national or Islamic, or that he materializes any national dream or Ottoman dream- be it Khilafa or Ottoman empire or anything of this sort are wrong . Erdogan is nothing of all this although he is assuming such identity . Erdogan has been promoted as a leader and a ruler of Turkey because he had accepted to subscribe to the World Order agenda and the NATO agenda of attacking the Axis of the Resistance for the security of israel, and to promote the Khilafa project in order to create the sectarian alignment in the Muslim and Arab world that will expose Iran .

Bringing Erdogan to the rule was in order to curb Iran and the Axis of the Resistance by promoting the Islam that pacifies and normalizes with israel instead of the Islam that resists israel and calls for the liberation of Palestine by armed struggle . The same deal was offered to Necmeddin Erbakan the head of the Turkish Muslim Brothers who was really working for the Muslim unity and wanted Turkey to favor this unity instead of joining the European Union, and he made the first in this direction by drawing close to Iran.

Erbakan -who was prime minister of Turkey – refused the deal offered to him of serving the World Order agenda and using Islam as a divisive tool , and – as a result – was removed by the army in 1997 and his party dissolved . Erdogan, who had defected from the Turkish Muslim Brothers- or Erbakan’s party- started his own party of AKP, while Erbakan founded a new Party called the Felicity Party that is the real Muslim Brothers of Turkey and not the AKP .

Erbakan had warned about Erdogan and accused him in one of his interviews of working with the Mossad which is not far fetched. All what Erdogan has reached in terms of power he owes to the World Order and NATO and to the credibility of Turks whom he could cheat as carrier of a Muslim agenda while he is carrier of a World Order / NATO agenda.



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