ImamHusseinShould we be surprised when Innocents are being killed and slaughtered in the name of Islam? When civilians are being slain with the words Allahu Akbar coming out of the mouths of their killers? So- called Muslims from al Qa’ida – and others- aren’t they executing other Muslims ? Other human beings ? Didn’t they execute the sheikh in his mosque and the child in… his bed ? On what is our surprise based ? Didn’t the Muslims who were in power then , ruling over Iraq and Syria in the first century of al
Hijra kill the grand son of the Prophet Al Hussain in the battle of Karbala’ ? Where did Imam al Hussein- whose birthday we are celebrating today- got killed ? Was he killed while conquering remote areas ? Was he fighting the Mushrikeen of the Roman Empire ? Not at all… those who killed him were Muslims and those who forsook him and left him to die alone in the battlefield with just a handful of supporters were Muslims too . Imam al Hussein was killed by official Islam , by the official rule of Islam as manifest in the Khilafa of the Umayyads. It is this Islam that killed the progeny of the Rasoul and this Islam is still killing today .
For those who do not know what happened in the first century of al Hijra we say that , al Hussein bin’Ali – the younger son of al Zahra’ Fatima and grand son of the Prophet of Islam -upon the death of Mo’awiya – who had usurped the rule from Imam’Ali – was summoned by Mo’awiya’s son Yazeed – who had inherited the throne – to approve of him as legitimate Caliph of Islam . The Imam -son of Fatima al Zahra – who was not seeking power – could not give his approval to the corrupt rule of corrupt Yazeed saying that someone like him ( like the Imam) could not condone the rule of someone like Yazeed . For this reason the Imam was challenged by Yazeed to the battle of Karbalaa’.
. In Karbalaa’, the Imam went to meet his fate with his progeny and family and friends, after his supporters failed him and refrained from backing his right to rule. In Karbalaa’, the Imam went to face the army of Yazeed who counted eighty thousands . Not only the Imam fell martyr on the battleground, but his whole family and companions and friends were killed in one of the ugliest slaughters that ever existed in history and in religion. This genocide was achieved at the hands of Muslims and the ones who were killed are the progeny of the Rasoul from the two months old baby to the Imam himself who fell after fighting – till the last men and till the last breath- the enemies of religion who had dressed in religious garbs and had usurped power and religion and exposed Islam to corruption and deviation.
What do you think happened to Islam after this ? Nothing good happened for sure , this was the most significant deviation in the history of Islam , and the biggest atrocity ever committed , and the ugliest event that the Prophet himself had foreseen, to have the family of the Prophet of Islam slaughtered and genocided , and his grand son beheaded at the hands of Muslims , and his head on a spear, roaming the four quarters of the Muslim nation, and his family abducted and taken hostage and his grand children – the progeny of Fatima- exposed – handcuffed- to the masses while crossing from one village to the other.
How did this thing happen and has Islam ever recovered from such a thing ? Well, the answer is : No, Islam never recovered from such a plight and could not . No one can recover from killing the last of the Prophets’ family . Those who recovered from this were a minority who had suddenly awoken to the fact that they are the ones who let this happen and they did forsake the son of Fatima – grand son of their Prophet – and left him to die alone on the shore of the Euphrates, hungry, thirsty and surrounded by enemies. Those never forgave themselves and are still crying over failing their leader the son of Fatima and Imam ‘Ali.
Islam never recovered and could not recover from this , but the rulers, the ones who ruled in the name of the religion , acted as if nothing happened . They continued ruling in the name of Islam and people followed them thinking that they were ruled by Islam while – in fact- they were rule by corrupt Islam, the Islam that killed the sons of Fatima one after the other and abducted her daughters .
This is the Islam that ruled and the Islam that continued to rule , it created many schools of thoughts and so many currents and so many ways of interpretation and religious schools and ideas, and produced so much art and science and literature and philosophy, but still something essential was missing that is the true Spirit of Islam , The Spirit that was sacrificed in Karbala’ but remained alive somewhere, some place in the bottom of the hearts, waiting to unfold and retrieve the sanity , the rectitude and the ethics of the religion . But the official Islam continued undisturbed carrying this blister called the death of al Hussein, and not knowing what to do with it , thinking that by ignoring it will fall in desuetude .
The history of such official- verbal Islam was not totally deprived of high moments – of course -but these moments were not part of an altogether glory , they were isolated moments that did not converge into something real . Islam spread widely and converted many people across continents, but somehow Islamic rule started deteriorating, especially with the Ottomans, and even before. Having Ottoman militaries rule in the name of Islam was not so good for the religion nor for the community . Islam suffered from this rule that undermined the spiritual aspect of the religion in favor of the material aspect of reality . Islam- as a rule – became incapable of moving forward and meeting the so many challenges that were taking place at so many levels in all fields .
This hanging in nowhere of the Islamic rule, where Islam was rapidly losing ground on the world scenery, lasted until the Islamic Revolution in Iran took place . This is the event that reversed everything and reshuffled the cards and put Islam again in the first place on the world scenery . This event- from which so many aspirants drew inspiration- started meeting the world challenges whether scientific , social or spiritual . Islam was again in the front lines fighting , confronting , resisting and gaining and also celebrating and worshipping and liberating the land and emancipating man , defeating the enemies of man and religion , exposing Israel and the west and winning at every turn.
The Islam that did this is the Islam of the Sacrifice of Karbala’, who identified with this battle as the battle for Islam, and identified with the progeny of the Rasoul, and knew Islam to be the pure uncompromising religion versus , the source of pure knowledge and pure resolves the unstained religion of the unstained Imams versus the compromising official religion of the rulers which only abided verbally by the injunctions and ordinances of the religion .
These two Islams: the real authentic Islam and the official verbal Islam, are being reproduced right now in the new Karbala’ that we are witnessing in Syria , and the thugs of the opposition- whether we like it or not- are not just Salafis or Wahabis , they are the official Islam , the ruling Islam , the Islam of the majority that sacrificed Imam al Hussein at the alter of true religion and persecuted the progeny of the Rasoul and genocided the children of Fatima.
Whether al Qa’ida or al Nusrat or the Muslim Brothers , these fighters are not a minority that has been hired to engage in war , because they have – in fact- the approval of the majority and that of the ruling and official Islam and of major religious authorities and references . What we are witnessing right now had started long ago and the battlefield in Syria is one of its many manifestations with the difference that now the outcome of the battle might be decisive for two parties . What will remain of Islam after all this we don’t know but we know that true religion cannot be defeated.

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