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A military coup that fails in Turkey is most unusual . Never such a thing happened . How a country that witnessed 4 or 5 military coups that were all successful suddenly witnesses a coup that seemed to have been planned by a bunch of novices. A childish coup – as has been described- worthy of a bunch of teenagers . Where is the experience and the knowledge, and how can such a coup be conducted that lacks all the possibilities of success?

Experts find themselves asking all these questions. First, Erdogan did not seem to be taken by surprise , nor the government members who remained calm and knew what they were doing . The official buildings- except for the parliament that was shelled were not taken -as expected in such situations -nor the government members arrested in their homes or at their place of work . Erdogan knew exactly what to say and how to behave as if he has rehearsed the whole situation , and this is not far fetched . This coup looks and sounds like a false flag anticipated step meant to abort any real military coup that was in the process of taking shape.

Let us not forget that any real threat on Erdogan, after his masters of the NATO who might grow dissatisfied with him , must come from the military , the same place that constituted a threat for all those who preceded him , some of them even were sent to the gallows by the military who intervened every time the ruler swayed from the secular military pattern. Erdogan had taken some precautions and had erased from the constitution the articles that gave the army this right, And he had also prosecuted military commanders whom he accused of arranging a coup against him . The Army was undermined during his rule and kept under tight supervision. It is only lately that he had shown signs of condescendence towards the Army .

Everything shows that this coup was arranged by Erdogan himself with the help of few officers – allied with him – who infiltrated the sections of the army that have grown dissatisfied with the chaotic situation, and who worked together – presumably – on toppling the government . They planned a coup that would fail and expose at the same time those who undertook it . Now, Erdogan has been given a free hand to get rid of all his enemies – after identifying them – since they were caught red handed conspiring against the country .

This is the ideal situation to get rid of all the undesired people and to finish them and cleanse the army from all dubious officers and soldiers who are not loyal to the president and think of other alternatives . This a master trick by master Erdogan who must have been helped in this by his friend Putin the smartest KGB ace who has a bag full of tricks . Or it is that Putin had sent his wizard Dugin to put the last touch on the whole thing because Dugin was in Turkey as it seems when all this happened .


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