July 18, 2012

Maybe the only possibility of change that is threatening the Gulf countries comes from Bahrain , the little island that has been trying so hard and for so long to break loose from the grip of the Gulf establishment with its corrupt dynasties and US military bases and total blind affiliation to the western establishment in all its aspects. . The Pearl of the Gulf , the small country with diverse sects and ethnicities, is trying something unusual and unacceptable by all Gulf standards and Gulf norms, by trying to prove the existence- in Bahrain – of a Gulf people and of a Gulf society , because none of the Gulf populations – living in multiple Gulf countries- have ever tried to acquire the status of people with an integral existence and immanent rights .
The Gulf countries’ people are to be found nowhere , if Yemenis have some sort of existence , they are- for that reason – kept poor and inflicted with al Qa’ida to justify direct foreign military interference in their affairs .Not one significant meaningful change- socially and politically- was brought by the recent upheavals in Yemen .This manipulated false flag revolution that lasted so long , catered by Qatar , drained totally the society to only replace president Saleh by his vice president. The potential of this great Arab country has been thus wasted . The Sultanate of ‘Uman is trying also to acquire a status of its own , but the power of the Sultan over the people is -non the less – absolute . The people of other Gulf countries are not to be found anywhere; Kuwaitis are semi present, but their great undecided attitude – regarding basic issues- and the shallowness of their cause, makes them just half present on the ground and in a sort of limbo situation where nothing progresses and each step taken is abolished by the next one . As for the people of Dubai and Qatar and other countries , we only know them as separate individuals , we cannot conceive them as a society, and we fail to imagine their social dimension and social extension ; our imagination and effort truly fall short of that .
These people have not been recognized by their rulers as such . When we think Saudi , we think money , we think oil , we think petro dollars , we also think king and prince , but we cannot think the Saudi people . It evades us in a way and slips out of our mind . Can you think the Saudi that is not the rich prince ? Can you think the Saudi average person? Can you think the Saudi baker , the carpenter , the shoe maker or the trader ? It is very difficult; and the reason for this is that these dynasties have done away with their people. , they have deleted them and cancelled them for the sake of the ruler who has got everything : the money ,the wealth , the power , the religion and even the keys to Mekka.
Saudi Arabia is a land with no people like was Palestine for the Jewish settlers – a land with no people – the Saudis must be refugees in their own country, as Palestinians are refugees in several countries .The colonialists who have colonized both the Gulf and Palestine , have decided to reduce the status of both people to that of non existence. From here comes the huge task of the Bahrainis . The Bahrainis are not starting a real revolution even if their movement is liable to become one , the Bahrainis are just saying we exist and this is our country , with all the meaning that it implies , we seek recognition as citizens of this country , and acknowledgment of our legal legitimate rights . The Bahrainis have assigned to themselves an almost impossible task because the Gulf dynasties will never allow the non existing to come into existence.

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