THE GOD DAM-NED REVOLUTIONمن السد العالي الى الباب العالي


July 9, 2012

Is mistaken who thinks that there were real competition in the Egyptian presidential elections between two candidates , the two candidates are one and all this delay in revealing the outcome of the presidential elections and announcing the results of these elections and the pre election measures regarding the parliament is in order to give credibility to Dr Mursi and make him the winning candidate of the revolution which he had failed- uptil now- to represent .

Now – after the farce of the competition- Dr Mursi can appear as the president brought by the revolution and the masses and people can maybe forget his more than frequent meetings with all the US administration officials who visited him one by one and the promises he gave to these officials regarding the relations with the Israelis .

The old system which is constituted by the recognition of Israel and normalization with it has been now reproduced but with the Ikhwaan at the head and accompanied this time by religious commitment to Sunni Islam .
The hunger that the Ikhwaan had for power and for legal recognition , this hunger that was increased and exacerbated has been now satisfied .

This satisfaction is accompanied by a certain blindness that makes the Ikhwaan forget why they wanted to rule and why they sought power in the first place . Now the Tahrir Square is populated with the Ikhwaan who refrained to a large extent -previously- from sharing extensively in what was taking place in the Square of the Revolution.

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