August 7, 2012

Truly it is a ghost story produced by Hollywood , some movie that you have watched previously and that has suddenly materialized .The Egyptian soldiers at the borders of Rafah , Sinai were slaughtered while breaking their fast at dusk. Those who slaughtered them while they had put away their weapons to eat were presumably extremists belonging to a fanatic faction that sneaked from Gaza to Egypt . Fifteen Egyptian soldiers were thus massacred by God knows who and God knows for what purpose .

The immediate reaction on behalf of Egypt was to close the Rafah border and to shell the tunnels that linked Gaza to Egypt causing their destruction which might have been the original purpose of the whole slaughter operation . The second part of the horror movie says that while the killers were escaping on board of an Egyptian tank they had seized – the Israelis shelled their tank killing 6 of them and then delivered the dead bodies to the Egyptian authorities, the reports say that number of them were wearing special kind of shoes .

The primary suspect in this bloody Hollywood movie- according to rumors – is HAMAS since the criminals apparently came from Gaza . The scenario says that the Qatari prince paid one billion dollars to HAMAS and that the whole operation was planned in Dawha while another version said that the criminals belong to HAMAS but had defected from the Haniyya /Mash’al branch in protest to the normalization and negotiation process in which HAMAS has engaged pushed by the Egyptian authorities . For this reason the defectors sought to poison the HAMAS/Egyptian newly promoted relations by killing the soldiers .

Another version of the scenario of the Horror Movies said that the Israeli Mossad is the primary suspect in all this blood bath and it is Israel that will reap the fruits of such action. Which scenario to believe we don’t know anymore , we don’t know anymore who is Israeli and who is not , we cannot tell Israel from HAMAS from Qatar from the Miltary Council or the Muslim Brothers , we don’t know who is who , and the killings go on .

Everywhere the killings go on in the same way . All have become Israelis all are behaving like Israel and the Turks and the Libyans and so many others . What Israel did or was doing or is doing must be embraced by all , embraced and repeated . This way all will become Israel and Israel will no more be singled out .We have Israel in Islam and Israel in the Arab Nation and Israel in the Gulf and Israel everywhere , what normalization can exceed this kind of behavior?.The Great Israel of God finally has come into existence . Finally the dream has come true, we thought that the dream will never come true but it did , it is materializing right here in front of our eyes . No need to expand and send the Israeli army to the four corners of the world , just work on breeding people the same way Israelis are bred and Israel will be everywhere.

Who would have thought that the HAMAS movement will have its name mixed with all this bloody mess ? A year ago we would have never believed such crap , but now – since HAMAS has opened up to corrupt Gulf countries , like Qatar, and to corrupt Turkey and sided openly against Syria while Palestinians are fighting Syrians instead of liberating Palestine – we don’t know what to say and we expect the worse from the organization that opted for sectarian alignment and division instead of opting for Resistance making terrorism an alternative to Jihad .

All this Rafah story tells nothing good about how HAMAS will end up and how it will disintegrate because it has shifted from its original role and duty into doing the duty of another, of an enemy in this instance . This disintegration will not happen without disseminating the bad odors of corruption and treason . Thus the Hollywood bloody horror movie will continue and will involve more and more people since all are being initiated into the Israeli role of kill and kill and fear none. These are the special ghosts of our era that go around with special shoes .

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