A new Islam has been created by the World Order and this Islam is the Islam of ISIS . ISIS Islam is not Islam- of course – but is being promoted as such. It was required that Islam be defamed as it is required that Islam be fought . When the World Order created ISIS, it is fighting Islam that the World Order had in mind, and when Islam is defined as ISIS by the World administration, fighting ISIS would mean fighting Islam and- for this- the demonization of Islam is needed . Westerners could easily take ISIS for Islam and Islam for ISIS, because they don’t know what Islam is, and they have been conditioned to look at Islam in a negative way .

Targeting Islam – as a Religion – and targeting Muslims goes to many centuries ago maybe to crusades if not before . Islam was pictured – then – as an enemy to Christianity and to western civilization . The west studied extensively Islam, not because it was interested in knowing it, but because it was interested in fighting it and defeating it . From this desire came most of the schools of Orientalists who studied Islam, and they shared their view of Islam and prepared for this Islamophobia that the West suffers from . Now, with the spread of ISIS- that is working wonders in the Arab World- fighting Islam would be totally justifiable .

Why Islam is a threat to the Western World is another story, and why is the west intent on defaming it and fighting it is also another question . Islam is a Religion of course and deserved to be called such especially when Christianity and Judaism have lost so much of their spiritual drive and moral principles . Any person seeking true Religion can find in Islam a real help . the same goes for the person seeking justice or liberation . Islam would offer real help here as well . It is a Religion that is still alive, while Judaism and Christianity have lost so much of their drive and drifted and became almost devoid of any real coherent applicable message and emptied of their spiritual dimension and moral input besides being tainted by a great extent of corruption that Islam was spared in some manner .

Islam is an attractive Religion for the westerner and also easy to practice and it contains both Christianity and judaism. In this sense , Islam is a real threat to the Western World itself that is against any form of Religion or spirituality . If practiced duly , Islam could change many things in western societies to the point that they might turn into something else that is totally different . Still, the west did not really feel threatened by Islam and felt secured and safe with the Saudi tamed Islam until the Iranian Revolution took place, this is when everything went to point zero again and the war on Islam was declared again. This is when creating ISIS became necessary to rally against Islam.

This war is meant to protect western societies from true Islam exactly like Saudi Arabia wants to protect itself from the awakening that is happening in Yemen . Also, this war will have Islam undergo the same defaming emptying experience, and suffer the same fate suffered by the two previous Religions of Judaism and Christianity ….

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