August 10, 2012

Events are rushing and overlapping in Lebanon and elsewhere .The Special Tribunal is preparing to start soon its sessions to try -in their absence- the four members of Hizbullah accused of killing Hariri on the ground of false evidence collected from bribed witnesses . While Lebanon has adopted a stand of neutrality regarding the Syrian events and has refused to share in the conference held -in Teheran- to solve the Syrian problem , we awoke today to the disturbing news that ex Lebanese Media minister Michel Samaha has been arrested when security forces -supportive of Hariri- broke into his house at dawn and took him on the ground of cooperating and coordinating with the Syrian Military authorities to smuggle arms and place bombs at the Ramadan Iftars in the region of Akkar and elsewhere to hit supporters of the so called Syrian opposition .

The pack of lies that we have been hearing since yesterday is breathtaking , not only the way the minister was arrested was illegal because the security men had no written permission to break into the house and search it but they had their face covered- which is illegal -probably to increase the effect and work on peoples’ psyche . Mr. Samaha -who is a politician and a researcher- and whom everyone knows –cannot be involved in such a thing as arm smuggling and explosive mining , but it seems that Mr. Samaha known for his pro Syrian , pro Resistance stands had in his possession –not weapons –but some information and some documents that compromises the Lebanese authorities and reveal Lebanese cooperation with the CIA at an official level. For this reason the arrest took place last morning.

And while weapons are being smuggled by tons , and criminal thugs introduced- by thousands -to Syria with the help of deputies belonging to the Hariri group , it is Michel Samaha who is arrested and accused of plotting against the security of the country probably on the ground of fake fabricated evidence similar to the fabricated evidence that lead to the accusation of members of Hizbulla of the assassination of Hariri. Now if one wants to believe the dubious rumors of the local and foreign press Mr. Samaha is the owner of one of the biggest arsenals of weapons in the region , where one can find even tanks and even nuclear arms . Mr Samaha must be in possession of something really valuable , some nuclear weapon of different kind that is threatening many Lebanese officials.

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