Lending a Helping Hand – The Electronic Intifada

August 9, 2012

We Thank God we have lived to witness the Palestinian Electronic Intifada of Mr. ‘Ali Abu Ni’ma that is an intifada happening on the internet , which is not only much safer for all, especially for the Israeli belligerent on behalf of whom Abu Ni’ma speaks , but seems to be highly rewarding -at all levels- for Mr Abu Ni’ma and his like of the BDS movement .
Thank God that we have lived to witness Palestinians seeking heartily a solution for what they call the Israeli crisis and Mr. Abu Nima for this has mobilized his full intellectual faculties and capacities that are not to be taken lightly . The Least we can say about Mr Abu Nima is not that he seems more concerned with the Israeli problem than Israelis themselves, which we can – in a way- justify , but that he thinks that the Palestinians and the Palestinian cause and the world intelligentsia are in great need of his speculations over the Israeli matter, because he seems to have caught hold of a magical recipe that, finally and after so many sacrifices and suffering , will work the miracle so long expected. .
This magical recipe or formula if you want to be more specific found by Mr. Abu Nima is none other than the APARTHEID state by which is meant the previous racial policy applied in South Africa regarding the African Natives : policy of segregation , exploitation and violation . Apartheid then is the magic key that will open the door which we thought locked for ever. Mr. Abu Nima seemed to have made his diagnosis regarding the Palestinian issue and found at the same time the cure by which was treated the South African ailment .
There is no doubt that Mr Abu Nima does not speak here as a Palestinian – even if he is one . No Palestinian- in touch with the Palestinian cause and identifying with the Palestinian condition or familiar with the Palestinian plight- can ever come up with the idea of the Apartheid syndrome and the Apartheid cure according to the South African model. A UN official , a University professor or better a speculator over political matters can come up with such an idea , also a hired NGO, or an Israeli intellectual or official or a friend of Israel can come up with something similar , but definitely not a Palestinian.
Mr Abu Nima belongs at least to one of these categories , his starting point is that Israel is undergoing a serious crisis that Mr. Abu Nima himself is able to properly diagnose and do away with using the magical formula that worked so well in South Africa due to which Israelis and Palestinians could live happily ever after .
But while admitting of the crisis Israel is facing Mr. Abu Nima attributes this crisis to the world campaign launched internationally against Israel exposing it as a violent terrorist state and targeting its reputation and denouncing its violations , as if Israel – after what it did in Qana , Gaza or on the Mavi Marmara cared about its reputation or about others’ opinions .
Of course Mr Abu Nima- as expected – will not mention the real source of the Israeli worry which comes from the fact that it was defeated in two consecutive wars , at the hands of the same people and that it had to withdraw from Lebanon bearing unimaginable losses in addition to the fact that it is targeted by thousands of various missiles , that all of its territories are within reach from all sides , that its air and sea ports and arsenals and factories and nuclear plants and its major cities and head quarters are exposed and targeted by thousands of weapons ready to be launched from Lebanon and from elsewhere maybe.
This is from where the Israeli worry originates and that of the International Community as well and , in order to rule out this worry and this obstacle , the world establishment had started- by way of manipulations and direct interferences- the Arab spring process by initiating the Arab uprisings and triggering all kinds of social turmoil and unrest in various Arab countries that has caused –among other things -the invasion of Libya ,the unrest in Syria, the occupation of Bahrain ,the partition of Sudan and other events that will show up in due time .
No doubt Mr. Abu Nima of the Electronic Intifada has offered his own contribution along the same line in trying to help Israel and the allies of Israel out of this mess ,out of this real crisis . His contribution might be a modest or a poor one but it is nevertheless a contribution ; a small present for the defeated Zionist entity which Mr Abu Nima is willing to serve : A South African Model : one big state , a big Israel where all have the right to be whatever their religion or their origins ,where all have equal rights . It does not matter if to obtain this , the West Bank would have to be annexed and Jerusalem taken and maybe even Gaza , what difference does it make , if Israel says that it will grant each his own rights and will treat all equally ?
What a sound solution and what a priceless reward for the usurping state that killed and is still killing but which will not survive another war or recover from a war as experts say ! Thanks to Mr. Abu Nima, the tripping life of the usurping entity has been thus prolonged and its territories expanded and its rule completed ,not that Israel would abide by Mr. Abu Nima’s formula of the famous Apartheid in which so many Palestinian and pro Palestinian activists seem actually involved , sanctioning, boycotting and divesting and posing as Palestinians’ defenders.
Israel knows its choices and its identity and knows its reality , and Mr Abu Nima knows what Israel knows , it is just required -for the time being -that the attention be diverted from the immanent existential threat Israel is utterly facing ; it is required that this attention be shifted from the reality of Israel’s vulnerability and defeat to the possibility of its survival and continuity, and for this , many Palestinians- like Mr.Abu Nima – are willing to lend a helping hand .

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