August 20, 2012

Beheading was the best way for the Yankee settlers to count their victims among the Natives Indigenous ; but then the whole activity of collecting indigenous heads became an industry on its own due to the material reward attached to it . Francis Jennings in his book “The Invasion of America “ says that the white occupiers set a reward for whoever killed an indigenous and brought his head, and then the occupiers started scalping the heads except when there was need to identify the victim . The first compensation allotted for bringing back an indigenous scalp goes back to 1694 , and in September of the same year, the tribunal of the state of Massachusetts decided to compensate materially each white hunter who brings an Indian scalp of whatever age or gender , and the rewards differed according to the position of the hunter from 50 pounds to the average settler and 10 pounds to the military , then this habit of compensation spread to all other states , then the prices went up and, in 1704 , the price of each Indian scalp became 100 pounds. This was four times the earnings of a regular farmer in New England, so all what the settlers had to do , was to hunt two indigenous children and three indigenous women and live like king James himself . This is how scalping became for the settlers the most lucrative business , and the fastest way to become rich so much , that they even gave up the gold hunt to specialize in scalping , turning the indigenous blood into black oil .

From : “ the American Genocides , the Right to Sacrifice the Other “ by Munir Akash..

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