While Moqtada al Sadr rallied today against corruption in the Tahrir Square in Baghdad, the USA is taking the military base of al Qayyara near al Mosul in order to operate against ISIS . The US intends to send 560 special forces and experts that the base is supposed to host and which is being rehabilitated for this purpose, and the US has signed agreement with Kuwaiti companies for this purpose . The base is also expected to host Apachi Helicopters that are supposed to raid on ISIS in al Mosul . The Iraqi president had objected this move on behalf of US and said that all Iraq needs is some experts and weapons and ammunition and has enough soldiers of its own . The US is determined to send these forces though and to share in the battle of al Mosul .

Yemen is the other country where US intends to send troops that will fight al Qa’ida in Yemen. The Iraqi government is threatened from all sides whereby all are intent on undermining it not to forget the thousands of Turkish forces that have sneaked into Iraq to take position in Ba’shiqa in Ninewah and might share also in the coming battle of al Mosul, in addition to the deal struck with the Kurdish Peshmerga to share in the battle as well and arm the Kurds . This is to say that the Peshmerga had fought on the side of ISIS when ISIS invaded al Mosul two years ago .

As for Moqtada al Sadr , he is threatening to have the Iraqi president, and the Prime mister and the head of the parliament replaced and is calling for holding all the corrupt officials accountable . He is believed to take orders from the US embassy that monitors his movement for further destabilization and he is threatening with escalation and has thousands of followers .Today, the demonstration was not given permission but followers of Moqtada headed to the Tahrir Square all the same ..Iraq is facing a hot summer no doubt .

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