August 31, 2012

When Powell spoke about the arms of mass destruction in Iraq , he was lying , he was not saying the truth . They have prepared the circumstance of the lie and fake evidence to back the lie, and they committed murder and war on Iraq based on the spiders web of lies they have entwined.

The whole world had watched how a group of liars, blinded by greed and thirst for power, led the whole seeing world into alleys of darkness and destruction chained in spider threads of lies. The threads of the spider had become threads of steel and all were tied to their places to watch – against their will- the culmination of this reality cinematographic adventure of US and NATO.

This is how the ground was prepared for what followed in Syria by creating this made up and rather verbal , dissatisfaction regarding the Syrian regime. From this platform of asking for so called needed reforms, everything will start and we will end up with a structure made of lies and crimes, from which it will be difficult to disentangle and which will turn into a prison where we will be held captive .

The one party rule, or the economic difficulties, or the corruption of some Syrian officials, does not mean that we should kill the patient . These are all curable diseases that could be dealt with and- even if they are not dealt with – they present a condition that is common to most countries- not only restricted to Syria – and that does not require an open heart surgery which is threatening to the life of the patient .

In Syria , we started up asking for some reforms and we ended up destroying a whole country. We ended up with massacres and slaughters and disintegration of a society and a country. We ended up with killing women and children and cutting throats and abducting and executing journalists .

All this is the work of Intelligence and media and NGOs who are the machines that fabricate these massive lies which start by criticizing an aspect of the rule in a way that appeals to us . This is the bait that they throw to us and -if we bite- we become hooked, once we are hooked , we have become involved and they can escalate the matter at their leisure.

The last thing we heard of was that the armed thugs in one village chose few innocent people- including women and children – and slaughtered them in front of all . We hear of slaughters everyday . How can such a thing be acceptable and how is it that the need for reforms has turned into acts of slaughter that kill innocent people who have nothing to do with all this ?

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